Collaborative Article: What Is Your Number 1 Tip On How To Help Businesses Increase Their Organic Traffic?

This week, we received six outstanding contributions to our collaborative article from leading industry experts. The article, titled “What Is Your Number 1 Tip on How to Help Businesses Increase Their Organic Traffic?”, addresses an extremely important topic in business which is boosting traffic. The insights provided by our experts are definitely worth the read. If you are looking to boost your organic traffic, gain visibility, and enhance your content marketing strategy, this article is for you. Learn from these industry experts’ thought leadership and follow in their footsteps to achieve success. Discover how to increase your organic traffic now.

Bethan Thomas

Marketing Manager at Enteles Search

My number one tip for increasing organic traffic is to leverage on-page SEO. This goes far beyond publishing engaging content. Consider optimising headings, alt-text, images and meta tags to boost your visibility on SERPs.

Bonus tip: No matter how much Google’s algorithm changes, it will always prioritise user experience – focus on “people-first” content!

Debbie Roy

Content Marketing Strategist, Stencil 

Organic reach is important for any brand, and with that said, my number one tip is diversifying where you publish your content.

Share your content on platforms that are known to give content more life, such as Pinterest. It’s not uncommon for me to pull reports for clients, and they are getting traffic from Pinterest to blogs and other content that’s a few years old. If you are knowledgeable about SEO, that will be a big plus when it comes to Pinterest, given that it’s a visual discovery engine.

Another tip is to proactively engage with your audience. If you only post and never engage with your community, you are missing out on community building, which can significantly increase a brand’s reach.

Sacha Walton

CEO, SWI Management Group

My methods includes organic growth by using Google My Business, SEO-optimized marketing, increased social media engagement, podcasting, digital interviews, expert authority positioning, collaborations, and audience sharing.

I have done this for my personal brand and business as well as for my clients. I would love to share my expertise in the collaborative article.

Dee Parker

Founder, BeeMi

My top tips is to use a simple content repurposing strategy each month that drives organic traffic from a variety of sources directly to your website blog.

  1. Create a short 3-7 minute video talking on one of your pillar content topics
  2. Upload it to Youtube, which has links to your blog and website
  3. Strip out the audio and create a podcast episode, add to your podcast platform, add links to your blog and website in the podcast episode description
  4. Get the video transcribed and create a blog post article from the transcription ensuring you use your keywords throughout
  5. Embed the Youtube video into your blog post as well as the MP3 audio player, so that you have one final blog post that has written text, video and audio options as ways to consume the content
  6. Create short captioned video clips from the original video (as well as short audio clips and graphics) and post all over your social channels with links that drive people to your blog post.

Bonus step- add an opt-in form to your blog offering a lead magnet that directly relates to the blog post!

Priya Florence Shah

BlogBrandz Digital LLP

The best way to boost organic traffic quickly is not SEO. It can take months or years to rank nowadays because of stuff competition. Instead get serious about sharing content on Pinterest. It’s a very underrated source of traffic, but has been my #1 source of social traffic for years. You’ll start getting organic traffic in hours or days, if you use it the right way. Figure out how to position your business on Pinterest in the right way to ride trends and you can even go viral.

Rahul Gupta


The best way to get organic traffic is by creating regular free and interesting contents using a niche and target audience and give some free gifts/tools or materials which can be useful for the visitors.

In conclusion, this collaborative article has provided invaluable insights from esteemed industry experts on how to enhance your organic traffic strategies. From Bethan Thomas’s focus on on-page SEO to Debbie Roy’s advice on diversifying content distribution platforms, these experts share their wisdom. Sacha Walton’s multifaceted approach and Dee Parker’s content repurposing strategy offer diverse options for achieving organic growth. Priya Florence Shah highlights the underappreciated power of Pinterest, while Rahul Gupta emphasizes the importance of creating compelling, niche-focused content and offering valuable resources to your audience. These tips collectively illustrate that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a range of effective strategies to help businesses increase their organic traffic and reach new heights.

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