How to grow organically Instagram following from 0

5 things you must do if you want to grow fast on Instagram:

1) Highly Valuable Content:

If you do not have any content nobody’s gonna follow you. If you have good content some people will follow you. But if you have Great content every second person who comes to see your page will follow you. 

Take it this way: Imagine a page where you can see just two posts and in bio written “follow me for more”, Are you gonna follow that page?

No, right? Then why would someone follow you if you don’t have any value to share with them? Share value and see your Instagram grow exponentially!

2) Optimize your bio:

Your ideal audience must understand what you do in just 10 sec when they see your page. And you can do it when you write a clear bio of what exactly you do! (What they will get on the page, how it will help them)

Use keywords of your niche so that you are searchable as well and your ideal client understand what you do and what you can help them with!

3) Engage with your followers:

You may have just 100 followers, just engage with them. Make a genuine connection with your ideal audience. Ask what they want to see more on the page. Reply to every comment and try to build a genuine relationship with your audience.

4) Story Posts:

Feed posts are great but story post helps in building the connection. You can post 1-2 stories daily to stay connected with your audience. Ask questions in your story, use polls, do everything you can to interact with your audience and build connections.

5) Consistently is the key:

I know it’s a cliche, but it’s the most important part of growing anything in life, stay Consistent, even if you do not see results, experiment, do change your content, see what’s working for you, and repeat. I have seen my page blow up when I just stayed consistent with posting and engaging with my audience. So don’t ever underestimate the power of consistency.

Shivani Verma

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