Expert Circle is where expertise meets opportunity

At Expert Circle, we’re on a mission to empower thought leaders, industry experts, and seasoned professionals to shine in their fields without the hassles of managing personal blogs or navigating complex content creation. Our platform is designed to elevate your professional presence, foster collaboration, and amplify your reach within your industry.

Our Inspiration

Our journey began with a vision to bridge a critical gap in the marketing world. We recognized that marketing directors and departments were often limited to social media and their own websites to showcase their expertise. This left them seeking affordable solutions for lead generation and increased visibility. Our Managing Director, Larysa Hale, herself a seasoned entrepreneur and marketer, felt this challenge firsthand. Inspired by the need for accessible, high-quality content marketing solutions, Larysa founded Expert Circle.

What Sets Us Apart

Collaborative Expertise

Expert Circle offers a unique platform where industry experts can join forces to create collaborative articles. These articles bring together diverse insights, experiences, and knowledge, creating a rich resource for professionals and businesses.

Standout Content

Industry professionals can also contribute standalone articles on pre-set topics, ensuring that their valuable insights reach a broader audience

Visibility Matters

We understand the importance of visibility. That’s why we offer paid services that allow our members to add their website links and business logos to their content. It’s all about giving you the recognition you deserve.

Quality Assurance

Rest assured, our in-house editorial team meticulously reviews every piece of content before it’s published on our platform, ensuring the highest quality.


Who Benefits from Expert Circle?

Our user base comprises a diverse community of professionals, including:

  • Coaches: Share your wisdom and build your coaching brand.
  • Marketing Professionals: Showcase your expertise and stay ahead in the dynamic marketing landscape.
  • Mentors: Pass on your knowledge to the next generation.
  • Business Managers: Position yourself as a leader in your industry.
  • Entrepreneurs: Amplify your business growth through thought leadership.
  • Marketing Agencies: Demonstrate your capabilities and gain credibility.
  • Anyone Seeking Credibility Online: We’re here to support your journey to professional recognition.

Why Expert Circle?

With Expert Circle, you can engage in expert panels, share invaluable insights on trending topics, and craft collaborative articles that reach an expansive audience of over 500,000 unique viewers. Elevate your brand, establish yourself as an industry thought leader, and conquer the digital space with Expert Circle.


Explore these frequently asked questions to learn more about how to get the most out of Expert Circle.


How can I contribute to Expert Circle?

You can contribute in two ways: by participating in collaborative articles where experts collectively share insights or by submitting standalone articles on pre-set topics. We also offer paid services to enhance the visibility of your content.

Are the articles on Expert Circle searchable on search engines?

Yes, unlike some platforms where content is only visible to logged-in users, articles on Expert Circle are accessible to anyone and searchable on popular search engines like Google.

How can I showcase my business or services on Expert Circle?

To showcase your business or services on Expert Circle, you can take advantage of our premium services. We offer the option to add your business logo and website link to your content. This means that when readers engage with your articles, they’ll have a direct link to your website and can easily learn more about your services or business offerings. 

Is there a cost to join or contribute to Expert Circle?

Joining Expert Circle is free, and you can start contributing right away. We do offer some premium services for added visibility, but there’s no requirement to purchase them to use the platform.

there a cost to join or contribute to Expert Circle?

Joining Expert Circle is free, and you can start contributing right away. Along with free services, we also offer some premium services for added visibility.