What to do after you retire? II

Hi Kristov here,

I’ve been converting video VHS tapes to DVD for family and friends now for a few years as a hobby, and decided to go into it full-time now that I have retired.

It all started out when a friend of a friend came to me recently asking if I’d have a look at a video she had, to see if there was anything on it. She’d found it in the loft, but as she didn’t have a video player any more she wasn’t sure if it was any good.

It turned out that it was the video of the wedding of a friend that happened over 30 years ago, she’d ‘borrowed it’ shortly after the wedding to look at, but life got in the way. The videotape had been ‘stored’ in the loft for the last 30 odd years. As it happens, the friend’s wedding anniversary was coming up soon, so I suggested that a DVD of the wedding was made which would make a great gift to give to her friend thus returning her video.

I have now expanded my services as there has been a call for it.

Using a VHS recorder, Videotape camera/camcorder linked up to a laptop and specialised video conversion software I am able to convert VHS-c Tape, Hi8 tape, DV tape to a digital format.
Cine film conversion
Using a specialised 8mm reel to reel convertor, Standard 8 and Super 8 cine film is easily converted to Digital MP4 format.
Photos, Slides or film negatives
My image copying equipment converts to a digital format JPEG or any other image format.

Colour & B/W Media including 35 mm slide frames, 6×6cm slide frames,  negatives up to 5″ x 4″, 35 mm filmstrips, and photos up to A4.

The resultant files can be added to a slideshow on DVD. Music can be added to your film as can a voice over.
Documents up to A4 copied
Lost your original word document, but have a hard copy? We can help here too! We can scan your paper document and convert it to a new word document.
Digitally capturing your Family Photo Albums
This allows you to have the pages in your album scanned including the front and back covers, so you can cherish the memories, and it affords you the opportunity to create extra copies to pass on to loved ones to enjoy. We can arrange for the individual scanned photographs to be put into a custom-made book if required.

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To be continued…

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