What to do after you retire? III

Hi Kristov here,
My latest venture is working alongside a Memoirist, a person that records a person’s memories and with the resultant wording being printed in a book.
I tried this a couple of times, sitting and recording a friend for a few hours and using a recording device linked to a laptop and with a specialised software (Dragon Naturally speaking) converting the spoken word into a Word document. The document could then be formatted ready for printing and a lasting record kept. It did work but with someone with a very strong accent the recordings were not picked up very well by the equipment. It resulted in me having to type out all the text from the recording. This took forever. So when my friend said that she was a Memoirist, I jumped at the chance to help her new business get off the ground.
She had already completed three books for customers and was just starting another, which she asked me to progress to print. Printing costs for one or two copies of a book were very expensive, so I suggested going the POD (Print On Demand) route. I had already opened an account for my 2 books so I suggested that we could use my printer who had a good turnaround, and good quality print.
We have now just finished our 4th book together. With four more coming up!! I designed a basic website for her (another of my skills) and launched in September 2020.

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