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Collaborative article: What are 3 key things that make a video effective in video marketing?

“What are three key things that make a video effective in video marketing?”

With the rise of video marketing and it becoming a common marketing practice, we wanted to hear from marketing experts and see what they think are the 3 key things which make a video effective in video marketing. Video marketing is complex and there is a wide variety of approaches to take. In a sea of information, we thought we would collate the tried and tested techniques from experts who know their approach works. Sit back, relax and explore what esteemed experts think are the 3 key aspects which make a good video in video marketing.

Doga Ilter

Director & Marketing Consultant at RETLI GROUP

Video content is a crucial asset in marketing, where short-form videos have become a must for any business.

Short-form videos are leading the digital era, by hooking viewer attention in creative and engaging ways, it’s a perfect way to attract or inform target audiences depending on your marketing objectives.

Here are three fundamentals we use at RETLI GROUP that enhance the effectiveness of videos:

  1. Know your goal and audience. What do you want to show with the video? Will the video you create resonate with your audience? What will attract them and influence them to take action?
  2. Structure the video beforehand. Organise the content in a way that will engage with the viewers and effectively communicate the intended message. At RETLI GROUP we have developed a systematic approach to video creation, which involves identifying key messages, crafting a compelling narrative, and integrating visually appealing elements to enhance viewer engagement. Our team of marketing and digital strategists, copywriters, videographers, and UGC experts are ready to work collaboratively with you to ensure each video is structured for maximum impact.
  3. Choose the right type of video that differentiates and feels authentic in order to resonate with your audience. Authentic videos create trust which builds reliability. Target emotions to be memorable. Know your product’s or service’s USP.

Seb Brantigan

Digital Marketing and Automation Specialist | DBSS Digital Ltd

What are three key things that make a video effective in video marketing?

  • As technology develops and consumer behaviours change, video marketing keeps progressing. It maintains its role as a dynamic and powerful resource for brands and businesses to effectively convey their messages and meet marketing objectives in the present digital environment.

Here are three key components that commonly play a significant role in creating an effective video for video marketing:

  1. Engaging Content: Remember, content is everything! Your video needs to pack a punch, whether it’s fun, educational, or insightful. It’s all about spanking the sweet spot with your audience’s interests and requirements. When your content clicks with them, it’s like a magnet that keeps them hooked.
  2. Attractive Visuals and High-Quality Production: Looks count. The visual aspects of your video, such as the clarity of the footage, the finesse in editing, the graphics, and the general production standards, are key in grabbing attention. Sharp, top-notch visuals not only keep viewers engaged but also lend a professional touch, boosting the trustworthiness of your message.
  3. Distinct Call-to-Action (CTA): A straightforward and engaging call-to-action is essential for guiding viewers on what steps to take next. Whether subscribing, visiting a website, making a purchase, or sharing the video, a well-defined CTA prompts viewers to act, converting their interest into engagement or sales.

Bear in mind, that these elements frequently collaborate harmoniously to craft a powerful video marketing campaign. Each component strengthens the others, collectively contributing to the overall success of your video content.

Mike Ward

Head of Marketing

Three things that are key to the success of any marketing video are content, distribution and production quality.

Content and distribution work somewhat in tandem but it is crucial that your video contains relevant, engaging and compelling content. Being crystal clear on what you want the video to achieve and why the content of the video would be of interest or value to the viewer will make a massive difference to the end product.

Distribution is really about ensuring that the right people are seeing the video. It’s easy to buy views but also pointless. You need to make sure the video is seen by the right audience and ideally in the right context. Think about where you are putting the video (Your own website? Promoted on social channels? Into an article on LinkedIn? As a livestream etc) and in what context.

Finally, production quality is essential and is not as hard or expensive as it used to be. But do not cut corners on cameras, lighting, audio and graphics. Our graphics platform is a great way to add professional high-end graphics and it’s free. OBS is another tool that is really powerful, and free and will allow you to easily record (or live stream) video with our graphic overlays over the top of both video and audio feeds. Most webcams are now of a good enough quality but also for higher-end content, there are many production companies who specialise in making videos at really competitive prices. But if your video does not have good production quality viewers will leave.

Maja Nowak

Content Manager, Nomtek

The three key pieces that make videos interesting, in my opinion, are:

  • short scenes not exceeding 3-5 seconds to keep the video alive and dynamic
  • when the video showcases graphic designs, they have to work well with the narrative to further strengthen the message
  • the scenario should be clear and engaging, explaining the topic thoroughly, without scenes that bring nothing to the general message.

As video marketing becomes a common practice, marketing experts Doga Ilter, Seb Brantigan, Mike Ward, and Maja Nowak offered brilliant strategies for creating an effective video in video marketing. From aligning goals and structuring content systematically to emphasising engaging visuals and clear calls to action, these experts underscore the importance of content, distribution, and production quality. This compilation provides a comprehensive guide, reflecting the diverse perspectives that contribute to the success of video marketing campaigns, and serves as a valuable resource for navigating the intricacies of video marketing.

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