4 Reasons you need SocialBee For Social Media Scheduling

Finding a reliable and affordable tool to streamline your social media management can be a game-changer. SocialBee is an all-in-one solution designed to simplify and optimise your online presence. Where effective online engagement is key, SocialBee offers budget-friendly options that cater to entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and businesses of all sizes. In this article we will explore its features and discover 4 reasons why you need SocialBee and how it can revolutionise your social media strategy.


SocialBee offers budget-friendly options suitable for everyone, allowing you to allocate your resourcesSocialbee towards developing a solid business strategy. If you’re an entrepreneur managing your own venture, you can explore the platform’s features through a 2-week trial. This opportunity is particularly advantageous for those embarking on a digital marketing career, providing a gentle introduction to SocialBee’s user-friendly interface.

Their standard plan starts at just £24 per month with the Bootstrap level. This includes 5 social profiles, 1 user per workspace and analytics up to 3 months of data. For those handling multiple brands, the accelerator and the Pro version of SocialBee (which are priced reasonably for what they offer) allow you to keep them organised in separate workspaces. 


Tired of the hassle of switching between tabs while crafting social media graphics? With SocialBee, Canva is seamlessly integrated into your workflow every time you embark on a new post creation journey. Just click on the Canva button within SocialBee, and you’ll find yourself hundreds of handy templates.

Take your pick from a selection of templates or effortlessly upload your image. Drag and drop elements, add text, choose your preferred color scheme, and seamlessly insert it back into SocialBee. Tailor your system to perfection by organising folders for each post category. 


SocialBee simplifies the process of gauging audience responses to your content! SocialBee platform provides comprehensive analytics for your social media profiles, offering insights into performance and growth trends. Monitor your audience’s status and take note of likes and follows, spanning from the past 14 days to as far back as 3 months.

SocialBee’s analytics extend beyond overall page performance to individual posts. Easily track likes, shares, and comments, all within the same user-friendly section of SocialBee. This feature allows you to identify which posts are excelling in your weekly content strategy. Additionally, SocialBee offers page insights, ensuring you stay informed about any fluctuations in your follower count. 

Post categories 

SocialBee stands out with its remarkable category creation feature. Are you weary of the constant need to design fresh content manually? With SocialBee you can effortlessly set up automated recycling of evergreen posts, arranged in any sequence of your preference.

Assigning names and descriptions to each category streamlines your organisational efforts. You can effortlessly reposition time-sensitive content, craft diverse post variations tailored for various platforms, import article links, upload media from your computer, and even preassemble collections of hashtags to enhance your posts. What’s more, you can seamlessly connect an RSS Feed, allowing you to link your company’s blog or podcast effortlessly. SocialBee offers you the freedom to concentrate on crafting the perfect campaign for your current task, giving you the time and flexibility to plan as you see fit. 

In conclusion, SocialBee emerges as a valuable ally, providing budget-friendly plans that suit everyone, from aspiring entrepreneurs to seasoned digital marketers. With features like seamless Canva integration, powerful analytics, and intelligent post categorisation, SocialBee simplifies your social media management, allowing you to focus on what truly matters- crafting engaging and impactful content. It’s time to embrace the ease and efficiency that SocialBee offers and unlock your creative potential in the world of social media here.

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