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5 Ways Women Can Overcome Imposter Syndrome in the Workplace

Women often underestimate the shared experience of doubt that comes with starting a business often labelled “imposter syndrome”. We have crafted a collection of insights made for women entrepreneurs. From prioritising assistance and shifting focus away from seeking constant approval to recognising personal strengths and achievements, the narrative encourages a positive and self-assured mindset. The insights also highlight the transformative power of reflection during moments of uncertainty and the significance of developing a robust network of women in business for immediate benefits in both professional and personal realms. This article seeks to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to thrive in the entrepreneurial journey, fostering resilience, building a supportive network, and celebrating their unique strengths for continued success and personal growth.

1. Engage with your peers and build meaningful connections

Often, new women business owners underestimate the shared experience of doubt that comes with entrepreneurship. It’s crucial to recognise that these moments of uncertainty are universal. Cultivating authentic friendships within the business community, even with those who may be considered competitors, is vital for preserving your mental well-being. Don’t isolate yourself; instead, seek out a supportive network where you can openly discuss challenges, share insights, and collectively navigate the complexities of entrepreneurship. Connecting with women’s peers primarily not only fosters a sense of camaraderie but also provides a valuable resource for mutual support and growth in the dynamic world of business.

2. Acknowledge those who you are helping

Prioritise those you are assisting and pay less attention to others’ opinions. Imagine how valuable it would have been to have your present self guide your younger self four years ago. As most of us would say the younger version of myself would have welcomed the opportunity to sit and absorb the insights shared from your current self. In social situations, women should consciously disregard external judgments and concentrate on offering assistance to others based on knowledge and experiences.

3. Recognise your strengths and the milestones you’ve reached

It’s natural to experience self-doubt and question your deservingness of success. However, by consciously acknowledging your achievements, you can gradually bolster your confidence. Don’t measure your progress against others. Over time understand that you possess unique skills, perspectives, and ideas. Begin to appreciate even the smallest accomplishments and maintain a record of positive feedback, contributing to a more positive and self-assured mindset.

4. Shift your focus away from seeking approval from others

While it’s undoubtedly uplifting to receive compliments, an overreliance on continual approval can lead to detrimental outcomes, fostering a dependence on external validation for a perceived sense of accomplishment. A more constructive approach involves placing trust in your own capabilities and cultivating faith in the journey you’ve undertaken. During moments of uncertainty, take the time to reflect on the challenges you’ve successfully navigated and the substantial progress you’ve made. This introspective process serves as a powerful means to reinforce your confidence, showcasing your ability to overcome obstacles and attain your present position through resilience and personal growth. Embracing these reflections contributes to a robust foundation of self-assurance, independent of external validations.

5. Prioritise the development of a robust network

Direct your efforts toward the establishment of a strong and expansive network of women. The advantages extend beyond future professional prospects, encompassing immediate benefits for both your business and personal confidence. Actively seek out events led by women in your local community, fostering connections and insights that can enhance your professional journey. Additionally, consider broadening your horizons by exploring new communities and groups within your industry, even contemplating travel if necessary. This proactive approach to networking not only enriches your current business endeavours but also contributes significantly to your overall self-esteem and personal growth.

In conclusion, this collection of points is a guiding beacon for women entrepreneurs navigating the intricate landscape of business, often marked by the underestimated phenomenon of imposter syndrome. By prioritising assistance, acknowledging the value of one’s impact, and recognising personal strengths, this narrative advocates for a positive and self-assured mindset. This 5 step guide aims to inspire and empower women entrepreneurs to thrive, fostering resilience, constructing supportive networks, and celebrating their unique strengths for enduring success and personal growth in the entrepreneurial journey.

By Olivia Davies

Head of Digital at Expert Circle


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