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Collaborative article: 3 secrets behind a successful brand strategy

Welcome to our collaborative article titled, “3 Secrets Behind a Successful Brand Strategy.” In this piece, we’ve gathered insights from experienced professionals to uncover the hidden elements that set apart thriving brand strategies. Join us as we explore innovative maneuvers, strategic thinking, and nuanced approaches that have propelled renowned brands to success. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a budding entrepreneur, this article is your guide to building a brand that stands out.

David Odier

CEO @ Launch Mappers

There are many things that make brands successful. The one common denominator is boldness.

Every successful brand needs to be strong, affirming powerful statements, and be perceived as unique.

To achieve these points your brand can leverage several strategies to get there:

You’ll need a strong visual identity and we’re not just talking about a fancy logo here. The overall brand from the fonts, the colour pairings together with the way you present your social assets need to work in harmony.

The visual aspect needs to match the overall brand messaging. A strong brand needs to balance its mission statement (i.e. its unique selling proposition) with what it stands for.

The ultimate example is Patagonia, the outdoor clothing brand that shares messages around sustainability and the importance of cherishing our nature.

Another untapped element is a strong sonic identity. If you think about household brands like McDonalds, Apple or even something as used as Whatsapp, all of these brands have a strong and unique musical identity.

In the blink of a note, consumers can identify a brand thanks to their unique musical and sonic identities. Companies like Izrom ( have made it their speciality to help brands in creating a unique sonic identity.

Lastly, and that might be the most important thing, every action taken around content, PR, messaging, ads and product needs to work in unison. Being consistent and coherent throughout time is what makes brands standout.

Chris Howard

Executive Marketing Director at LACE Partners


Tapping in to the culture of your brand – which evolves through your people – is essential. I think that brand also needs to evolve as your business evolves, particularly if you are a company that experiences rapid growth. Your brand is lived through your people and they are your ambassadors, so having a brand that is aligned to your people is just as important as your values and mission statement. If your customers’ experience of your brand is via the people who represent your brand, then having them aligned to it’s values is essential.

So I think tapping in to your people strategy is important when evolving your brand strategy. What can you do to get your people to ‘buy in’ to the strategy? Communicating it regularly and consistently is a given, it’s table stakes. But then also asking for feedback on it as it evolves is important. Do your people really believe your brand values? If they buy in to the fact that they exist to help to be a differentiator, then they will most likely ‘live’ those values and that helps to build better relationships between them and your people.

Amar Sanghera

Digital Marketing Manager at Orega


Marketing professional with over 10 years’ industry experience in a variety of both B2C and B2B sectors. This includes working with leading cosmetic groups, membership bodies, private healthcare groups, educational institutions, international payments, commercial real estate and international recruitment businesses. Amar is data led and brings retail and e-commerce practices to deliver transformational change in marketing and automation, to grow commercial delivery of digital channels and increase cost-per-lead efficiencies YoY.

In conclusion, our collaborative article, “3 Secrets Behind a Successful Brand Strategy,” showcases essential insights from experts David Odier, Chris Howard, and Amar Sanghera. David stresses the importance of boldness, while Chris emphasises aligning your brand with evolving company culture. Amar brings over a decade of data-led marketing experience to the forefront. Successful brand strategies require a blend of visual and sonic identity, alignment with company culture, and a data-driven approach. Whether you’re a seasoned marketer or a digital marketing manager, these insights serve as a guide to elevate your brand strategy. Thanks to our contributors for making this article a source of strategic wisdom.

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brand strategy

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