Collaborative article: AI in Marketing – Blessing or Curse?

In the ever-evolving landscape of marketing, AI in Marketing has emerged as a game-changer. Technological advancements in marketing have consistently played a pivotal role in shaping strategies and outcomes. With various AI technologies being developed, marketers can not only write content but also create effective strategies, map out outcomes, and achieve much more. It is undeniable that AI technology is deeply intertwined with the future of marketing.

However, as we explore the immense potential of AI in marketing, it’s crucial to address some pressing concerns. Ethical considerations in AI and marketing become increasingly significant. Will AI inadvertently compromise consumer privacy? Can it lead to algorithmic bias in AI marketing? And most importantly, will it dilute the genuine human connections that define the essence of marketing strategies?

In this collaborative article, we gather insights and perspectives from our esteemed experts on the integration of AI technology and marketing strategies. They will delve into the opportunities, challenges, and ethical considerations surrounding this technological revolution. Join us as we navigate the intricate intersection of AI and marketing through the eyes of those who truly understand its impact.

Artemiy Ustimenko


The generative AI has become a number one conversational topic throughout the last year. Some people are mystified and intimidated by it, but in fact, generator networks don’t do anything beyond generating text that responds surprisingly perfectly to the request.

May seem like t9 on steroids, but in the context of how humankind developed this is a superpower. Take Harari books or just look around and you’ll see that the way our brains are programmed is text-based. Every classic way of storing and delivering ideas, from religious texts to university textbooks is (guess what?) text-based.

Therefore, a thing as simple as generating a well-targeted text can affect billions of minds quite easily. This idea is equally exciting and scary, therefore using AI in marketing, PR, or politics to wire some ideas into the brains of the messes will be something we see more and more often.

Jonathan Bennett

Marketing agent at The Digital States

Having been a beneficiary of using AI to speed up some workflows and idea creation, it is easy to see the positive side of using AI language models. However, we know from past experience that algorithm bias is a very real and insidious problem.
There is a reason why the world of politics is now more divided than it’s ever been and that is because of machine learning feeds the worst tendencies of consumer content.

No matter how carefully algorithms are built and managed, people have biases and these will inevitably filter into AI tools.

Ivan Asem

Head of Marketing at EPSza

Automation is no stranger to the world of marketing technology. Marketers have been using artificial intelligence within automation for quite some time. Whether using it to personalise offers in email or create a recommendations engine in e-commerce, AI has always been there to help marketers.  However, ChatGPT changed this.

Now you can prepare campaigns at lightning speeds. You can edit copy confidently, often without even reading it over. It’s all being done for you. At first glance, it’s excellent to produce as much content as possible and to ask the algorithm to guess our next move. It feels perfect every time from a marketer’s point of view. Some companies are even scaling down their marketing teams. But that’s the thing…

AI looks great at first but read enough content produced by it and you will start to notice the echo chamber. If you can see it, so can your audience. I find myself reading an article and asking if this article was produced by a person or by a content generator.

Outputs are only as good as their inputs. Anyone can create a marketing campaign in ChatGPT, Write Sonic, or even Jasper AI. The real work happens after the fact. When a campaign is live the numbers start to tell a story that human minds have to interpret and adapt to.

Everything needs to be tailored to your audience. In real-time. We’re not there yet with AI. It’s impressive to use it with friends and by yourself. However, relying on AI to run an entire campaign from start to finish is a great place to start losing your audience.

Campaigns that win are the ones that still have the human touch. The simple reason is that we do everything for humans. Experienced content creators understand how to balance content to create pleasure. Even while using AI.

Does that mean we should stop generating content with AI? Absolutely not. It’s the best way to get the ball rolling so that you can draw insights into what’s working and what’s not. After that, you can spend time painstakingly creating content for your audience. The 80/20 principle still applies here.

From a professional point of view, nothing really beats struggling through the process and then winning in the end. The human touch is something that can’t quite be replicated even with something as impressive as ChatGPT.

In the end, technology is essential for running marketing campaigns in today’s age. Automation and artificial intelligence are there to help. People create great campaigns for people. No matter how advanced the Martech stack is.

In conclusion, our experts shed light on the path forward. While AI unquestionably offers unprecedented capabilities in marketing, the delicate balance between automation in marketing technology and human content creation remains essential. Technology empowers us, but it’s the human touch that truly resonates with audiences. As we advance, we must harness the best of both worlds to create campaigns that inspire, engage, and foster meaningful connections in this ever-advancing marketing landscape. Understanding the significance of AI and human connection in marketing, we strive to strike that balance.

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