Collaborative Article: What Are Your Top 3 Chat GPT Prompts You Use Everyday As A Marketer?

Presenting our latest collaborative article, “What Are Your Top 3 Chat GPT Prompts You Use Everyday As A Marketer?” This insightful piece features expert contributions, shedding light on the most effective chat GPT prompts for marketers. By incorporating these recommendations into your daily practices, you can elevate your marketing efforts significantly. Learn from industry leaders and enhance your approach to achieve greater success in the ever-evolving landscape of marketing.

Tabitha Naylor

Owner, Inc.

Content Idea Generation:

  • “Suggest 3 unique content ideas for a blog post related to [topic/industry].”
  • “Generate a list of 3 catchy headlines for a blog article on [topic].”

Educational Content:

  • “Provide a step-by-step guide on how to effectively use [feature] in our [product].”
  • “Write a brief educational post explaining the importance of [industry trend] and how it impacts our audience.”

Email Campaigns:

  • “Generate a subject line that grabs attention for our upcoming newsletter about [theme].”
  • “Write a teaser paragraph for an email campaign promoting our exclusive offer.”

Ivan Asem

Head of Marketing at EPSza

This prompt will help you get to a good starting point for your email automation campaigns primarily for nurturing leads. Start by priming your conversation and then telling ChatGPT what you want to do.

Prime ChatGPT: “[business name] is a business that [value offered] to [target audience] by providing [product or service]. Don’t generate anything yet, this is just information. The businesses brand voice looks like this: [insert any existing text from ads or email communications to customers]”

Send the priming prompt and then follow through with your main prompt below.

Prompt: “Please provide a comprehensive and detailed strategy for an effective email automation campaign for newly acquired customers of [business name]. This campaign should aim to introduce our business and explain that we don’t intend to spam them, educate customers about our offerings, and ultimately encourage them to sign up for our products, webinars or other events. In your output, be sure to include the main CTA, timing, and metrics to measure for each email.”

There you have it. You now have a strong starting point to use. Always make sure to go over it and add a human touch to avoid any surprises.

Alex Smith

Founder at Leadeth

Top ChatGPT Marketing Prompts that I use: daily

  1. Generate five creative strategies for launching a new cocoa butter lotion product. The product is made with natural ingredients in small batches. The target audience is mothers aged 30-40.
  2. Design a comprehensive social media campaign for launching a new Greek restaurant chain, including ideal post frequency and creative content ideas. The restaurant is located in Vancouver, BC, and its speciality dish is lemon potatoes.
  3. Generate a list of 10 customer outreach topics that can be used to engage with potential buyers of a product or service.
  4. Develop a campaign slogan for an e-commerce store selling handmade jewellery that conveys the company’s sense of style, quality and values.
  5. Write five email subject lines that are designed to increase open rates for an e-commerce store.
  6. Generate suggestions for five influencer campaigns that will help a sustainable clothing company reach their target market of Gen Z and millennial customers.

In summary, our collaborative article unveils expert-backed ChatGPT prompts for marketers. Tabitha Naylor shares insights on content, education, and email campaigns. Ivan Asem provides a primer for email automation, while Alex Smith offers top daily prompts for creative strategies, social media campaigns, email subject lines, and influencer collaborations. By integrating these prompts, marketers can elevate their strategies, engage audiences effectively, and navigate the ever-evolving marketing landscape with confidence.

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