Collaborative article What is your No1 automation tool in marketing delivering the best results

Collaborative article: What is your No.1 automation tool in marketing delivering the best results?

The use of automation tools in marketing is on the rise, offering brilliant benefits to marketers in their daily practices. To gain deeper insights, we queried various experts about their primary marketing automation tool and which one consistently delivered the best results for them. The outcomes were both brilliant, with esteemed experts sharing not only impressive results but also valuable insights. Discover marketing experts’ no.1 automation tool in marketing, delivering the best results here!

Tim Meredith

Founder – Fractional Teams

My number 1 automation tool is Zapier! Whilst there are loads of individual tools I could name, like Lemlist, PhantomBuster, FindThatLead, etc, Zapier is the glue that makes workflows, well, work!

When you need different apps to interact or exchange data, but they just don’t play well together, Zapier allows you to build your own custom logic-based automation and integrations with no coding experience.

It’s also a great tool for reporting and analysis. At Fractional Teams, we have literally hundreds of Zapier tasks (zaps) running every day, syncing information and executing tasks between datasets, marketing tools, CRMs and even reporting spreadsheets; all ensuring that we maintain good quality data when performing voluminous and complicated tasks for clients.

Sławomir Krakowski

Zoetis Polska sp. z o.o.

In today’s rapidly advancing digital age, AI Copilots and specialized AI Chats are emerging as essential automation tools for automating business processes. These tools are not static; they are dynamic and continually evolving. As they interact with users and analyze data, they learn and adapt, solidifying their position as the most promising automation tools on the market.

The evolution of these AI tools is akin to our historical dependence on electricity – they are becoming indispensable and integral to our operations. AI Copilots and AI Chats are set to become essential in the business world, offering more than just task automation. They provide valuable insights from data analysis and significantly enhance customer interactions.

We are witnessing the transformation of business process automation, a landscape that is constantly evolving. Embracing AI Copilots and AI Chats now can position businesses at the forefront of this technological race. This proactive approach promises increased efficiency and productivity, paving the way for a future where these AI tools are not just beneficial but essential for any serious business.

Mo Hussain


The adage “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks” held sway for years, and as a seasoned sales professional with 25 years under my belt, I passionately believed in the power of “bashing the phone” and the notion that sales were a numbers game. I was sceptical about the effectiveness of digital tools in the sales arena. However, after delving into the world of sales automation, I must admit I was wrong.

Venturing into the realm of sales automation opened my eyes to a world of possibilities. The sheer number of available tools and the potential time savings they offered were astounding. With data at our fingertips, we, as sales professionals, could become more efficient and effective.

Automation tools, I discovered, are not about replacing human interaction; they are about empowering us to have more meaningful conversations. By streamlining repetitive tasks and providing valuable insights, these tools allow us to focus on building relationships and closing deals.

My journey into sales automation has taught me valuable lessons. Firstly, it is crucial to choose the right tools for your specific needs. Overlapping functionalities can lead to wasted resources. For instance, I initially subscribed to multiple publishing apps like Adobe Creative, Canva, and Fotor, only to realize they served similar purposes.

Similarly, within the OpenAI realm, tools like ChatGPT, Copilot, Bard (my personal favourite), and Vondy offer overlapping capabilities. Carefully evaluate your needs before investing in multiple tools with similar functionalities.

When cost is not a factor, Zoominfo emerges as my top recommendation for sales data and automation. Its vast repository of information and powerful automation features make it an invaluable asset.

The world of sales automation is brimming with exciting possibilities. While thorough research is essential, don’t forget to enjoy the process. Embracing automation will undoubtedly make your sales journey more enjoyable and successful.

David Odier

CEO @ Launch Mappers

David Odier highlights as such, marketing automation is a big component of our work. His top 4 marketing automation tools he recommends are:

  • active campaign
  • zapier

In summary, industry experts highlight the rising importance of automation tools in marketing and business. Tim Meredith favours Zapier for seamless workflow integration, while Sławomir Krakowski emphasizes AI Copilots and AI Chats as transformative forces. Mo Hussain dispels scepticism around digital tools in sales, emphasising their role in efficiency and meaningful interactions. David Odier recommends his top marketing automation tools. Together, these insights affirm the growing indispensability of automation tools across diverse business domains.

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