Content as a lead magnet for Coaches

While we touched on this in my last article, «How to position yourself as a coach?» it bears repeating. As you’ve probably already noticed, there are countless coaches and consultants out there, all trying to sell their services.

So many coaches, not just yourself, feel that growing their business with content creation and marketing is like tilting at windmills. You start to feel like no matter how much content you produce, more is needed, and it’s never good enough. This article will help you avoid fear, doubt, procrastination, and disappointment later down the line if you get stuck, uncertain, and frustrated about content creation.

Find your ACE

Your prerogative is to find what sets you apart and makes you a valuable find for your potential clients. And when you hit on the correct difference, even if it’s a minor thing, it might be THE difference that makes you stand out in the sea of other coaches and consultants.

Once you land on what makes you different, it’s time to create content that highlights that distinction, emphasises your expertise and inspires you to create content that sparks conversation.

You want the content to speak to your audience, immediately addressing their most pressing problems. Your ideal customer wants solid results that sound obtainable and desirable.

Think about your content as a service to your audience. So, every bit of content you put out needs to have just one goal—service! Put your ego, brand and self-promotion aside, and think of it as sharing valuable, insightful, and inspirational content with others and how you will create impact and transformation in people’s lives through that message.

Rock solid, unique and compelling title

Some experts say you should spend as much time choosing a title as you do writing the piece. The title determines whether anyone even reads what you wrote in the first place.

Start off strong

Make the first sentence or two of every podcast, article, post or blog powerful and engaging. They won’t keep reading if it doesn’t grab their attention—it’s as simple as that. This is where you want to use controversy or say something unexpected because it’s a proven fact that you have 3 seconds to convince them with this one sentence that it will be worth their time. 

Since it’s so easy to get overwhelmed and lose consistency in using any media platform, or if you are suffering from “writer’s block” about what to share with your audience, consider these quick and simple content ideas to help you speed up content creation and start connecting with your followers faster. 

Easy-to-digest list of topics

I have compiled an easy-to-digest list of topics that are relatively easy-breezy to assemble from some unpublished draft content you already most likely have lying around that you can talk about on your content platform:

  • Share who your ideal client is and how you can help them;
  • Share your story;
  • Share a client testimonial or transformation;
  • Share your credentials or accomplishments;
  • Share what makes you unique or an expert in your industry;
  • Share your high-value lead magnet;
  • Share your industry-related statistic;
  • Highlight a problem and a quick tip to solve it;
  • Share your signature coaching program;
  • Share who (as a client) is not a good fit for your program;
  • Share a mindset shift to help your ideal client;
  • Share your unique take on a current event or trend;
  • Share the #1 mistake your perfect client is making;
  • Share the #1 FAQ you receive and your answer;
  • Address the #1 sales objection of your ideal client;
  • Share your signature coaching framework, formula, or strategy;
  • Share a list of positive habits or daily tasks (people want to get to know you);
  • Share a list of helpful books, tools, or resources (with personalised review); 
  • Share a list of things your ideal client should start or stop doing;
  • Share or encourage user-generated content;
  • Share a powerful and relatable quote;
  • Share a quick how-to guide or strategy;
  • Call out what’s holding your client back;
  • Share your vision of success for your ideal client;
  • Share an encouraging message for your ideal client;
  • Mention a thought leader you admire;
  • Share the causes or nonprofits you care about;
  • Ask your ideal client a powerful question or share a statement to fill in the blanks;
  • Create a challenge or series;
  • Share a relevant reminder with action steps.

    Share behind-the-scenes or unique content: 

  • How you structure your day plus your habits and routines.
  • A peek at upcoming projects you’re working on.
  • Who each member of your team is and what they do.
  • Your friends, family members, or pets.
  • Your hobbies and interests.
  • Personal goals, milestones, or accomplishments.
  • How you celebrate different occasions or holidays.
  • Fun facts about you that only a few people know about.
  • An event you attended.
  • Things that inspire you.
  • Things you’re grateful for.
  • Things you couldn’t live without.
  • Your favourite everyday personal or business tools.
  • Something you’re struggling with and how you’re working on it.
  • Something that recently made you smile, laugh, cry, or feel excited.


In conclusion, content creation for coaches and consultants can be simple. But doing your research and positioning your content well can go a long way in establishing your brand and connecting with the right audience. So take the time to seriously consider the points we’ve discussed here. Go through each one and see how it fits into your brand. 

You should decide this week which kind of content you would be most comfortable starting with. If you write a blog, you can start sharing your content here with the Expert Circle community. It’s the perfect, safe space for you to ask your questions and post your content, articles, and stories about your progress, pains, obstacles and overcoming them. 

Sign up today, it’s free, and give yourself the benefit of being a click away from professional individuals who are always here to support you along the way, whatever the journey is!

And be sure to let us know how it goes!


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