Contribute to the Expert Panel: What are the important factors to consider before starting a business?

Starting a business is usually an exciting time for majority people. The idea of being your own boss, managing your own time and finances thrills a lot of people. With all this excitement, it is possible for one to just jump into business without prior planning. Lack of proper initial planning can be disastrous to the business owner(s) in the long run when the truth about the business environment sets in. 

To avoid losses or unpleasant surprises we decided to set this Expert Panel for professionals share their expertise and experience and to equipt fellow entrepreneurs with food for thought and some useful action points.

Please take part in this interesting Exper Panel and answer the following question:

What are the important factors to consider before starting a business?


Pease share your expertise in one of the following formats:

  • 100+ words short article where your share you advice
  • 3+ bullet points/checklist to think through
  • A case study/success story/useful example which answers the question of the panel and is helpful to the readers.

Please fill this form with your details and your contribution to the panel


Here is a list of things you might want to elaborate on or you have a great advice or experience to share about:

  • A Business Idea
  • Unique Selling Point
  • Type of business
  • Knowledge or Expertise
  • Part-time or full time
  • Market or Demand
  • Start-up Costs
  • Capital and Finance
  • Competition
  • Location of the Business
  • Hiring of staff
  • Technology
  • The naming of the Business
  • Possible Partnerships
  • A Business Plan
  • Future Expectations
  • Mode of Paying Yourself
  • Return on Investments

Looking forward to reading and pulsing your content!

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