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Hassle-free Phone Lead Attribution for Marketers

Attributing telephone leads shouldn’t be a headache. But it often is. What works for one marketer might not work for you.

For example, you might not have access to your marketing back-office systems to achieve automated integration. In these cases, wouldn’t it be useful to see a list of live calls as they are received, complete with the caller’s telephone number and a link taking you to the precise journey the visitor had taken to and through your website?

Now you can attribute your inbound leads to whichever platform you use to record the visitor source against leads. You can quickly add the lead source and any one of a multitude of other data points like search term or ad group.

And what’s more, it has been achieved without the need to integrate the systems technically.

Three immediate benefits of attribution

You direct the budget into the right campaigns.
Your objective is to drive conversions and fill your marketing funnel. To do this effectively, you need to understand where your conversions are coming from – including phone calls. Without this insight, you direct the budget into the wrong place.

You can calculate ROI (at last)
As marketers, we’re all expected to justify the success of our campaigns by proving the ROI. You need to have an accurate picture of how many calls your advertising generates, the outcome of those calls, and their impact on revenue. Without this, you’re at risk of underestimating the value of a given channel or campaign and the knock-on effect on your bottom line.

Optimise your keyword bids
You know which keywords drive clicks to your website… but are they the same keywords that drive conversions and calls? For example, you might be bidding on an expensive keyword with a low click-through rate and think that turning it off is a quick win to save the budget. But then your sales start to dry up. So how do you know what caused the drop?

How does Mediahawk’s real-time call attribution work?

Inbound calls can be viewed in real-time within Mediahawk. A unique reference is generated for each call. Looking up the unique reference enables you to precisely link the call directly to marketing activity and view the entire user journey across multiple visits.

By associating this reference with a lead in your CRM system, your call handlers have access to a full range of marketing attribution data for that lead, including source, keyword, campaign, and visitor journey.

  • Marketing source and medium
  • Keywords used
  • Referring URL
  • IP address
  • Landing page
  • Visitor journey on your website included pages viewed and calls made
  • Previous visits
  • Date and time of calls
  • Caller’s phone number
  • Service number (the number the caller dialled)
  • Call duration and ring length
  • A recording of the call

How can attribution data benefit marketers?

  • Drive more conversions and lower your cost per acquisition
  • Make smarter marketing decisions by analysing call conversion data alongside your online response
  • Understand the role that phone calls play in the customer journey, and use these insights to refine your marketing even further

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