Helping people you are managing flourish

Start with a general discussion:

It’s easy with this first step to discuss their general environment so:
How are you, how are you finding things? How are you getting on with the team? How do you like your working space?

Continue with specifics to do with role

How have you found everything to do with your responsibilities?
With the tasks you have, what have you found easier?

Then invert – What have you found challenging.

The point with this is to see how aware they are of issues they have, they may well flag issues you aren’t even aware of.

What help do you need, to resolve this?

The first job of a manager is to enable people to find solutions to their issues and resolve them autonomously. If they need help from other teammates, encourage them to talk to that person directly and then tell the other person they will approach them.
They need more hands-on training/guidance, etc., to clarify what exactly they need help with.

What is your timeframe for addressing this? When should we do this by?

Set a deadline they actually commit to

Make sure you agree to the deadline/course of action. IF NOT
Discuss either what you see as the key challenge they are facing is
The deadline to resolve it

What are your tips on helping your people flourish?

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