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How do you scale up your name Post-pandemic?

Many entrepreneurs want to start blogging but are wary of the time commitment and wonder about the outcome of all that work.

So today we are giving you some tips on getting started!

First things first, you have to get experience. You don’t need anybody’s permission or own some media press to start your blog, but you do need some knowledge on how this side of the web works. It would be worthwhile to research the proper way to conduct your future blog and how to structure your ideas.

Second thing is to build a brand. Blogging will acquire visibility and a brand. This can help generate indirect income if managed correctly. You must engage with your readers as much as you can to make sure they will return to you and constantly value your work.

A third vital component is to experiment with multimedia. People tend to overlook how much a photo or video can help tell their story. We all know that “a picture is worth a thousand words” but not many know that “a Blog story with a picture, is worth a million words”! – Baby Yoda [possibly?]. Combine the beauty of your words with the beauty of an image harmoniously and witness the difference it makes.

Fourth, do not misjudge the “hidden work”. A blog requires a lot… and I mean.. A LOT of behind-the-scenes work. That may not come easy, but it absolutely has a major impact on the final product. This behind-the-scene works include design, programming, advertising and sometimes coding.

Numero Cinco, and probably the most important thing, find where to and how to engage. A blog is an investment, it is something you would put your time and effort in. Obviously, you would want to reach as many people as possible that encompass your targeted readers. You’ll have to find the best place and mode of communication for these people.

By now you are probably thinking to yourself… wow… number 4 and 5 seem like a hassle, there must be some way around that no?

The short answer is yes. The long answer is HELL YEAH!

You would not believe what we recently launched. You have the opportunity to become a part of the most revolutionary platform yet.

Welcome to Expert Circle – A place that caters to your needs and make your life a whole lot easier!

Expert Circle was created on the premise to centralise all social media platforms into one and allow users to engage with one another in any way they deem fit. It also caters to up-and-coming bloggers with the best blogging solution available on the market. Hassle-free content marketing and blogging allows users to focus on their content creation and engaging with their audience.

What are you waiting for?

Find out more HERE.

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