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How Expert Circle can aid business blogging and content marketing for you and your business

What is Expert Circle?

Expert Circle is a favourable resource for content marketers with elements of a social media network. It is a blogging platform, and content marketplace merged into one. As well as this, it gives you an idea of what content consumption will look like in the future. Instead of hosting content on your website and promoting social media, Expert Circle allows the best, most valuable content to stand out among the competition.

What Content Marketers Can Learn from Expert Circle?

  1. To take risks. Try new platforms and find new ways to use existing ones. Great storytellers will excel on any platform with the right promotion. Find what works best for you.
  2. Invest in long-form content. if you haven’t done so already. Content that educates and inspires is not going away; it’s becoming more popular than ever. Try your best to provide information customers can’t find anywhere else.
  3. Focus on great ideas. Ideas are becoming more important than authority. On Expert Circle, great content is recognized for its popularity, not who wrote it or how many dollars have been spent on promotion. Cite references, add illustrations, and write amazing copy to get your content on top.

Digital Marketing Institute’s tips for succeeding:

  1. Don’t forget about CTAs. Calls-to-actions are important on any piece of content, but especially on Medium when it’s all about the reader. Try creating an image-based footer that links back to your website to drive traffic. And don’t forget to add CTAs to your content outside of Medium, as well.
  2. Utilise GetStencil. Expert Circle offers a unique way of laying out your posts. You can use featured images and layouts using this software that will represent you and your business. This provides you with consistent layouts that your audience will identify and relate to your business.
  3. Don’t miss out on the formatting options. Expert Circle offers many formatting options that you may not see when you only use the pop-up toolbar. For example, blockquotes are a great option for catching the reader’s attention and making sure any code is formatted correctly.
  4. Share Expert Circle content on other platforms. Don’t rely on Expert Circle’s algorithm alone to get your content in front of new readers. You should also share your content on your established social media channels. Eventually, you may see most of your content views coming directly from the platform, but an initial nudge will be extremely helpful.
  5. Work with external writers. There are tons of great writers that push on excellent content consistently. Reach out to writers in your industry and ask them to contribute to your publication. This type of symbiotic relationship will be extremely beneficial for your brand.

Tactics your business can implement to excel on Expert Circle:

  • Re-publish content from your blog or website
  • Create a collection around a particular theme related to your business.
  • Don’t limit yourself to writing; publish visual content that tells a story.
  • Create a branded collection.
  • Link back to your website or blog.
  • Use UTM parameters to measure traffic from your Medium posts.
  • Tell truly interesting stories.
  • Recommend posts related to your industry.

To conclude, there are many uses of Expert Circle that can benefit you and your business through content marketing and business blogging (If that’s what you are interested in). Expert Circle offers unique software and techniques so that you can reach your targeted audience quickly and efficiently. It is always important to make sure you utilise the tools offered to you as they are there to enable you to look your best in front of your audience. We hope the tips will help you, and we cannot wait for you to get started! 

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