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How to Develop a Content Strategy: Separating content into 2 main categories

I generally separate my content into 2 main categories. Content for:
  1. Products/Services
  2. Content Marketing

Content for products and services highlights all the information a website visitor needs to know about a product or service. This may be across a few pages or thousands of pages or more, depending on the nature of the product or service. The content here helps the potential customer make the buying decision. The content should help influence or compel them to buy.

But when we talk about content for products and services for sites with 100k to millions of pages, some type of algorithmic optimization should also be implemented. This is dependent on the richness of the structured data on every page that can help formulate rules for the default values of various page elements, such as the title tag, meta description, image alt text, headings etc.

While content used for content marketing purposes, even if they may also help convert into a sale of a product or service, another use of the content in content marketing is to also improve popularity of the webpage. Content marketing pages are often featured in a blog, but they may also be in other forms such as FAQs, knowledge bases, forums, how-to guides, and more. Content will not always be only text, but can also be in various forms, such as images, videos, interactive pages like quizzes, games, surveys, downloadable pdfs, software, tools, etc.

The content here intends to be more engaging, and promotes to get the content shared on social media to increase visibility. Topics here stretch the relevance of simply selling a product or service. It can talk about the application of it, or tips and tricks, other use cases, events, or things that are just interesting, informative or even inspiring.

As more people see this content, it helps improve brand visibility, thus improving brand recall which helps general demand. And as an after effect also, more potential natural links go to these useful pages, which also helps out in SEO ranking.

Benj Arriola

Senior SEO Director, ForwardPMX/Assembly

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