How to get your emails opened and read – best practices

Have you given up on email marketing? You are not the only one; many might even say that email marketing is dead. If not done effectively, your email campaign could show ineffective with low delivery rates, low open rates, low click rates, high unsubscription rates, high SPAM complaints, and limited post-click activities. One might even question why email marketing has a go-to for every digital marketing campaign. However, a clear and simple solution is to create a value-adding email campaign to meet your marketing KPIs.

GetResponse is a marketing automation tool that provides five tips for creating more engaging email marketing campaigns, increasing the open rates, thus increasing the likelihood of the revisers moving one step further into the conversation funnel.

The five types are: Have a short subject line of 10 characters or less.

Over half of the surveyors say they are more likely to open an email due to the appeal of the subject line. To increase that appeal, remember that your readers are people, thus make it personal. Lastly, take into account the time of when the email is sent. In B2B, these types are proven to be helpful, to increase the chances even more of adding keywords such as “money” and “revenue.” By providing more personal subject lines open rather will increase. Nonetheless, there are many more tips given in the infographic below.

Once the email is opened, it needs to be read and foremost clicked on.

Here are five tips on how to increase the number of email readers:

  1. Write a no-nonsense copy answering the who, what, where, when, how, and why for the targeted audience.
  2. Make it easy to read on any device. Out of 144 billion emails send daily, about 46% get opened through a mobile phone.
  3. When sending an email, also be aware of the timing. Send the emails when the target reader is most likely going to read them.
  4. Add personal touches, do not just employ an inside out communications approach. Try to connect with the reader by using an outside-in communication method.
  5. Lastly, do not mislead the readers. This can increase the likelihood for the emails to receive SPAM complaints, thus decreasing delivery rates and unsubscribing rates.

Implement these small tips to improve your email marketing campaign to achieve your next marketing objectives!

Here is a  great infographic by GetResponse to provide you with some stats and tips to make your email marketing efforts more effective:

InfoGraphic - How To Get Your Emails Opened And Read

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