How To Grow Your Instagram Followers In Only 20 Mins Per Day

Growing Instagram followers is hard. We have all been there, watching businesses gain Instagram followers “overnight” and wondering why the same isn’t happening to you. Well, here is a fool proof guide on how you can begin to get results and grow your Instagram account in under 20 minutes! Through our guide you will learn 4 tips on how each day you can grow your Instagram followers and get those results.

1. Comment, Comment, Comment

Commenting on other Instagram accounts is a brilliant way to increase your visibility and reach. By addingInstagram engaging comments to posts you will catch the attention of users and they are more likely to click through to your account! Our advice is that you should gather a list of accounts in your niche and start commenting. For example if you are trying to grow you digital marketing Instagram account, then commenting on successful and semi-successful accounts in digital marketing is sure to boost your visibility.  Do this for 5 mins a day and be sure to see your Instagram followers grow.

2. Story Posting

Story posting is a proven and quick way to increase engagement and following. If you post up to 3x stories a day, your presence is established and your Instagram account will begin to grow. Presence is important on Instagram and you will be rewarded if you maintain it. Posting stories only takes 5 mins each day so by doing this you can boost your Instagram followers exponentially.

3. Hashtags

Hashtags are gold dust. Our piece of advice is that you make a list of Instagram hashtags which your niche use often then make sure that for 5 minutes a day you engage with these hashtags. Whether this be integrating them on your stories, commenting on posts which have used this hashtag or posting on Instagram with hashtags in the caption, this is a proven way to grow your Instagram following in under 5 mins a day.


Obvious but underestimated, create yourself a social media calendar so that you are posting regularly. Regularly posting is great to keep your followers engaged and if you have a plan then this also should only take 5 mins a day. Our tip is to have all your captions prepared already so all you have to do is press a few buttons to get that post out! Watch your Instagram follower grow with consistent posting.

Tips To Implement

As mentioned earlier, it is important to plan ahead and schedule posts. We recommend a social media scheduling tool called SocialBee. SocialBee serves as a comprehensive solution to streamline and enhance your content calendars. With a focus on cost-effective online engagement, it provides options suitable for entrepreneurs, digital marketers, and businesses of any scale. Use SocialBee to maintain a good Instagram content calendar and see which posts work best with its detailed analytics. Use SocialBee today to boost your Instagram followers, start your journey here.

In conclusion, we understand that growing your Instagram followers can seem like a daunting challenge. Many of us have witnessed other accounts amassing followers seemingly overnight and wondered why our growth isn’t as rapid. However, with this foolproof guide you will start seeing results, your Instagram followers will be boosted with only 20 minutes of work a day.

By Tilly Little

Digital Marketing Specialist at Expert Circle


About the author: Tilly Little
Digital marketer at Expert Circle

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