How to start a podcast for business

Why are podcasts important?

Businesses must find new ways to transition their operations and create outside-the-box strategies to maintain their relevance. With these turbulent times, old habits will not be a major help. It’s time to open a space for innovation and creativity, which is why podcasting has become a big part of our 2020 lives. Podcasts have become a great way to remain connected to your customers and supporters. That means it’s incredibly important to keep them up to date on your progression and cultivate relationships.

How do you start?

In the very beginning, you might have doubts about creating a podcast. What are you going to discuss? Who is going to be listening? Do people actually care? The answer to all those questions is simple: no idea! You will never truly know until you genuinely give it a go and try it. Think about what your customers and supporters care about. Think about why they are supporting you. Think about how you can add more value to their lives and connect with them further.

Since most of the world is still recovering from the negative impact of coronavirus, individuals still have more time now to actually listen to podcasts and pay attention to them. You may also find it useful to invite others to join your podcast, perhaps an employee or an industry leader. Get their perspective in as well to make the listening experience more enjoyable and valuable.

But what about this…? and what about that…?

The biggest mistake when it comes to starting a podcast is overthinking it. The more time you spend on overthinking and finding excuses as to why you shouldn’t, is more time your competition has to succeed and take the lead. You’ve got to have confidence in yourself and start sharing your knowledge. Check out this detailed how-to guide at the Podcast Host and our very own how to podcast guide!

It is important to produce quality sounding segments; however, the cost of a microphone shouldn’t be a deterrent to start podcasting. Most smart phones have decent microphones to start recording with. There are also very affordable professional microphones online. Listeners are going to value the quality but also the consistency of content.

Take the plunge into podcasting!

Starting is the hardest part. Get going with that first one, and then focus on building out an Instagram account for marketing purposes to really get your name out there. As the podcast gains momentum and more traction, you can then start investing in professional equipment and video production. There is a multitude of applications that distribute podcasts to all the major podcasting platforms.

Once you’ve started creating, share your podcast with more people in your sector through Expert Circle. It’s a great platform that lets you target potential customers and industry experts who follow your area. All you need to do is upload your podcast!

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