Join Our Expert Panel Discussion on how to handle a job rejection? And how job rejections can be converted into a better opportunity?

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Receiving a job rejection email can be discouraging during a job search. However, it is important to explore the potential silver lining within such situations. 

How can candidates effectively respond to job rejections? Is it possible to transform rejections into better opportunities? Let’s discuss strategies to overcome rejections and leverage them for career growth. This opportunity is a chance for you as a coach to help candidates overcome rejection. 

Join our panel discussion on ‘Converting Job Rejections into Better Opportunities,’ where industry professionals and thought leaders like yourself can share valuable insights gained from navigating the job market. We encourage you to share your personal experiences, case studies, and advice below for our panel.

This panel is now closed and not accepting more responses

If you want to see what some of our experts thought here is the article:

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