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Excerpt from the complete guide to leading remote teams, “Start With WHAT”

When you choose to dream, some people will be jealous of your courage and try to tell you it’s senseless. Don’t listen.

When you find the beginning of your road, some people will be jealous of your accomplishment and try to tell you the road doesn’t go anywhere. Don’t listen.

When you’re clearing the path to build your road, some people will be jealous of your progress and stand in the way, so you can’t leave them behind. Keep clearing.

When you’re leveling your path to pave it, some people will be jealous of your discipline and spread lies about you so nobody helps. Keep hammering.

When you’re paving your path to walk it, some people will be jealous of your beautiful creation and destroy your work. Rebuild it.

Then walk your path with your head held high. Because you made it, and nobody can take that experience of creation from you.

Now you can create anything you want – nevermind what you “set your mind to do.”

Setting your mind on something implies that it already exists.

But — you have a unique dream, if you dare to dream it. And it requires creation. It requires the pain of birth in order to come to life and exist in this world.

Make no mistake, success is powered by a history of supposed failure. Every hit you take is one step closer to a win.

And if you truly, deeply, believe that, you’ll find it’s true.

“For they can conquer, who believes they can.” — Virgil

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