Managing Creative Talent – your own and your employees

My expertise is in supporting individuals and companies across the creative sector to make them as good as they can be. Innovation, creative thinking, commercially useful strategy are all essential elements of the business environment and yet they don’t just “happen”. These are all areas of talent that can be worked on and cultivated. I engage with my clients to help them to build an effective and transformational presentation of their skills and knowledge so that they can progress and feel challenged in their lives and careers rather than just repeating more of the same.

The same applies to agencies wanting to step up and grow, extend their offer or build the personal and management skills of members of the team.

I also work as a talent broker for businesses seeking outstanding creative and strategic talent and for individuals seeking a personal career coaching service.

The mantra is Not Just More Of The Same.

So I work on a one-to-one coaching basis with individual clients or with small teams within agencies to help them build updated and relevant professional profiles and market positioning. The complex areas of career transitions/moving on to more senior roles/finding the right ‘voice’ and presentation as careers progress all fascinate me and I find it particularly satisfying working with professionals as they reach these potentially difficult/exciting career watersheds. Chances are that nobody has ever had that kind of informed and instructive conversation with you about your career and yourself since you left college. Time to take stock and invest in yourself….

I also work with agencies or companies seeking the most innovative and creative thinkers but finding it tricky to attract or retain them.

Madelaine Cooper

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