Selecting the right accounting software for your small business

Stop wasting hours looking through online reviews and prices for the best accounting software for your small business, Find out here why the best Accounting Software for your business will help in more ways than one.

Choosing the correct software can always be a challenge for many, below I will help separate the good accounting software from the best accounting software. Accounting can be a lot more complex than you think. Small business owners tend to continue filing receipts and issuing invoices through the software. The advice I would give is not to stray away from the accountants because it is good to keep them around for the tax filing but use the software available to keep bookkeeping in-house. The technological developments have offered certain software to try and make things so much simpler in every field, and accounting is no different! Now, as more accounting software becomes available, we see more and more people beginning to use the software as the process becomes EASY and RELIABLE. Below will give you the best idea of how to pick software that suits your business.

Best accounting software solutions for you!

5. FreshBooks

Working from the good applications to the best applications, The FreshBooks software offers an application where the invoicing and accounting software is designed for the self-employed professionals and you, the small business owners. When working through FreshBooks software, you see how easy to use and easily navigated through it is. Free trials are available for new customers of the FreshBooks software. Along with the free trial, the FreshBooks team offers webinars to become more knowledgeable about the software you are trusting with your small businesses finances.

4. Xero

I would say the Xero accounting software is one of the easiest systems to work through if you have little experience with the finance sector and has a very good pricing option for a starter plan, but it can get very pricey very fast.  The available software lets you keep up with paying bills and the VAT returns along with other features. Xero has included several information sectors for new customers and even potential customers that are looking to switch across to their software. I found these web pages well laid out and extremely useful when you may find yourself in need of help.

3. ZipBooks

ZipBooks has made the middle of the list. I and many small businesses would start off using this accounting software due to the free software available. It gives a really good example of what exactly there is to offer with this accounting application. A major benefit of the ZipBooks software has it allows for unlimited invoices and an unlimited number of customers, all within the free package you get at the start. This boosts this software as it makes it less restrictive than those other programs that limit their inputs on invoices and customers. ZipBooks also accept payments digital via PayPal, showing the software is willing to move forward with the technology all within the starter pack.

2. Sage

Sage is software that, to me, is better suited to those with more complex small businesses with a strong financial surrounding to know exactly what they are doing. With Sage, I sampled videos to help new users if they ever run into difficulty. The videos easily help me get the help I needed to sort my accounting problem and even provide more knowledge about the software. I would believe that a massive part of the success of sage is the very impressive customer service response time that helps around the clock to ensure the software works to the maximum with all sorts of contact areas set up like email, telephone and live chat. Sage also has set up YouTube channels that provide support and training for their clients, both new and existing. Sage has been about long enough regarding the software and is a very strong knowledge lead company that knows exactly what works and what exactly is required to run a smooth and hassle-free application. That’s regarded as one of the best applications wildly available but is costly due to the knowledge they provide.

1. QuickBooks

When reading through the reviews for QuickBooks, you can see why it has made the number one accounting software on my list. The most well-known of all the software due to it being owned by Intuit, which is a large American business that specialises in financial software. With QuickBooks setting up their software that allows users to access their accounting software on any platform regarding Android and IOS through app stores, this helps them connect with more and more customers. With user-friendly platforms and relevant programs available to their clients for all different needs and specific financial software, the QuickBooks software is one of the best applications that you, the small business owner, could invest in. QuickBooks are even willing to put you into contact with a certified accountant professional in your area through their directory if you ever have any major issues. I lived in quite a rural area and was able to find SIXTEEN certified professionals that QuickBooks have on hand to help me. QuickBooks are ensuring that your needs are always met. They even set up a Hotline that deals purely with switching software’s which you can contact through.

Considering what has been outlined throughout the list and what they have to offer, it’s quite clear that I would begin using QuickBooks as it is an extremely good piece of software that has a strong customer rating of 4.6 of out 5. Something to consider right now is that QuickBooks are willing to give you a 50% discount for four months on their software along with the free trial.  The software itself is easy to work through, and I found it quite easy to navigate around the website, finding exactly what I needed. Whether it’s from a beginners perspective or someone who has a lot of experience using the accounting software programmes, you should have no problems getting set up and covering all your small businesses accounting needs. Suppose you are looking for the best software for your small business. In that case, it’s in your and your small businesses best interest, in my opinion, to begin your online accounting process with QuickBooks so they can help you look after all your financial needs.

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