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SEO For Startups: Ways To Expand Your Business

According to Moz “SEO is the practice of increasing the quality and quantity of traffic to your website through organic search engine results”. This is vital for any business with an online presence. A well-optimized website is bound to attract more traffic. Which means more prospects converting into loyal customers.

This method takes into consideration the Google algorithm, how they use their bots to crawl the web and gather relevant information. This convention of optimizing websites to garner more attention was used since 1990. Since then this method has caught the attention of every website owner. Everybody wants a top spot in the Google search. Ever since SEO has developed into an integral part of digital marketing strategy.

Why Is SEO Important?

Just think about having a business with top-notch quality goods. But the caveat is that your enterprise is in the middle of a jungle. There is no way for any person to buy products from. The quality of products at display does not matter here. Your sales will dwindle for sure.
This is the same in Digital Marketing. Having a website with all the bells and whistles but neglecting SEO services is not good. If your page does not rank on the first page of Google search, then you have lost the importance of SEO for Startups.

Why Are They Such A Big Deal For Business Startups?

Embodying Trust And Quality
Google uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to understand every website based on user behavior. So, if your website ranks higher, the more it will be trusted by prospects. Google lays much emphasis on the quality of a website. So automatically getting ranked higher assures a good user experience.

  1. Bringing More Traffic
    To outclass your competitors and be more visible in web rankings, traffic is paramount. An essential SEO strategy will make sure this becomes a reality. Search Engine Watch claims that almost 33% of clicks go to the number one position in Google search.
  2. They Are Cost-effective
    Boasting about the outcome only attained by shelling out thousands of dollars on paid advertising is one thing. But with the availability of many free and cheap SEO tools, respectable ROI is obtained. They can save a lot of money which startups will find valuable.
  3. Helps Bring More Customers
    A startup company obviously will not have a huge fanbase following them right from the get-go. They have to build it from scratch. This is where SEO for startups comes in clutch. By making sure your website ranks high and is easily discoverable, it is only a matter of time before customers come galore.
  4. Better Customer Retention
    A well-optimized website depends on how original and appealing it is. This has two benefits in itself.

Getting more backlinks from authoritative websites hence increasing our overall ranking.
Customers who are already in will be reluctant to leave because of the quality your website boasts.

SEO is important to startups. They cannot afford to lose customers. Bleeding customers will result in low morale inside a business which is not a good look on us, in front of other prospects.

  1. Long-lasting Effect
    The SEO importance will guarantee a long-term yield. That does not mean you should take off your leg from the gas pedal. SEO will always need attention because it is dynamic. But once your page tops Google search results, it will automatically get more quality backlinks. So, this is an investment worthy of your time.
  2. Benefits Can Be Accounted Easily
    SEO has loads of benefits. But the cherry on top is that you can keep tabs on every single aspect of your campaign. Simple tools like Google Analytics give valuable insights about referrals, broken links, etc. So if something is going wrong that is hurting your website, you will find and sort it out immediately. There are other best free SEO audit report tools that you can take advantage of.
  3. Leaving Competitors In The Dust
    The thing about a startup business is that there will always be people before you. But investing some time and resources into an essential SEO strategy will change that notion for good. Ranking higher than them is the holy grail for the business owner. This will drive more customers to your site and increase conversion rates more than your rivals.

But you cannot afford to rest. Always stay updated with recent SEO trends and keep hustling. If not, the competitors you left behind will catch up in no time.

  1. Boosting Brand Awareness
    With a good domain authority, our site is bound to rank higher. So if someone searches for something relevant to your website, it will show up in SERPs. This throws light on your brand. People are more likely to click on your brand and visit your website in the future for sure.
  2. Making Irresistible Offer Announcements
    Quality and up-to-date content are the pillars of a well-optimized website. Keeping your website fresh with new content, amazing deals and offers will only result in a bigger sales figure. SEO importance is like a domino effect. Helps with the website ranking and all the other goodies follow.

Recipes For A Successful SEO Strategy

Keyword Is Key
This is an unwritten rule when it comes to the importance of SEO for startups. Google processes queries of people and based on the keywords, pulls out results. So choosing the right keywords will make a whole world of difference. We should not mix this up with keyword spamming. Google is completely against this practice. The penalties are not worth the risk.
Using an SEO proxy to improve your keyword research is another trick. This is because of the anonymity it offers while on the hunt. This has some neat advantages. Avoiding bans is one of them. The anonymous nature it provides will give us the freedom to stay in the dark while scraping for keywords. Using a proxy will always guarantee good network speed.

  1. Different Is Always Better
    It is of significant importance to create something new, something that stands out from the crowd. The content should not be compromised in any areas especially in delivery and information it is packing. Good content is guaranteed to get tons of backlinks.
  2. Having A Reasonably-sized URL
    The URLs in your websites should be easily crawlable by search engines. So having a format that sums up exactly what your website is about is advisable. This enhances the chances of your website being found by users if they search for the right keyword.
  3. Always Keeping An Eye On Your On-page SEO Rating
    Using a proper tool like Ubersuggest can provide valuable outputs about how well your website is performing. It will point out any broken links or critical errors that need your attention. Paying close observation to things that require fixing will help your website ranking.

Things To Be Avoided

Getting The Content Wrong
Content can catapult your websites. But on the other hand, they can also derail your entire SEO campaign. Having one name for a title and providing irrelevant content will be met with harshness from Google. Misleading your audience will do no good and should be avoided.

  1. Missing The Right Audience
    Sometimes the content will be of the finest quality. But it will not be earning any links or improving on the SERPs front. This is because the target audience is wrong. Google makes sure that the person behind the keyboard typing in a query finds what he wants. Therefore, SEO for startups becomes so important as pitching to the right audience should be done without any trade-off.
  2. Not Staying Updated In The Game
    SEO as mentioned before is a dynamic field. The things which worked today will not work tomorrow. The techniques that worked wonders for one website are not guaranteed to produce the desired results for another website. This is why always keeping yourself educated about new things and trends is very important. It is essential to stay ahead of the pack instead of chasing them.
  3. Slow-loading Websites Are Despicable
    Yes, the inclusion of ads in your website can profit you. But only to some extent. This has grave consequences on your website ranking. More the ads, the more time it takes to load the page. So keeping it to a bare minimum is advisable. Also adding pictures of high quality and not optimizing is another culprit which slows down the loading time to a crawl. Websites like this won’t fly well with Google.
  4. Buying Links Is Digging Your Own Grave
    Google has made it clear in their webmaster guidelines that buying or selling links is a punishable offence. This technique is lazy on one’s part if one appreciates link schemes. Indulging in such behaviour will result in facing the wrath of Google. That is never good for your website. This usually results in the website in question being removed from the search engine.

Final Thoughts
No one can ignore the importance of SEO for startups. The effects it has on a website are jaw-dropping. The digital marketing space is getting crowded by the day. This means only the person with the latest strategy can outclass their opponents. At the end of the day staying one step ahead of the competition is everything. A well-executed SEO is a golden ticket for this to materialize.


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