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Social Media posts for start-ups: Best Practices for beginners

While Social Media Marketing Strategy is not a new thing, and most of us have our personal social media accounts, starting social media marketing for a business is a bit more tricky than managing an individual account.

When I took over the marketing department at Vacancysoft back in 2016, I felt overwhelmed by the number of things I had to keep in mind and consider when working with the brand online.

I now assembled a concise and direct list of things you have to think about when starting to post on social media as a business:

  1. Determine Your Goals: The first step with any Social Media Marketing Strategy is to determine your goals. Without clear objectives, your efforts may lack direction.
  2. Audience Engagement: Aim to produce interesting content relating to your audience. By providing high-quality, problem-solving content, you will be building expertise, authority, trust, and even celebrity.
  3. Platform Selection: Choose the right platform. Which platform your personas/prospects/clients are most likely to use? There is little point in setting up and maintaining a social media presence on platforms that your clients/users don’t visit much.
  4. Brand Identity: Make sure that you are setting up a profile consistent with your brand identity (logo, messaging, keywords). Consistency across platforms helps in brand recognition.
  5. Content Creation: Let your audience get to know you. Your social media posts are a great way for your potential clients to get to know you and your personality.
  6. Video Marketing: Having an image in your posts is really important, but wherever possible, use original images rather than stock images. Videos on Facebook are most likely to reach and engage audiences. Keep your videos short; shorter videos generate more interactions on average.
  7. Call to Action (CTA): Make sure you have a call to action (CTA) along with your posts. Always try to engage your audience and tell them what to do next, i.e., comment, share, call your office, head over to your website, download your special report, etc.
  8. Interact with Your Audience: Make sure to interact with your audience. Respond in a timely manner to questions and comments. This builds a sense of community and trust.
  9. Consistency: Post regularly. It’s a noisy and busy world out there, and if you want to stay at the forefront of your community’s mind, then you need to be consistent with your posting. Posting once or twice per day seems to be the sweet spot for engaging your audience and not annoying them. Use a scheduling tool to save on posting every day.
  10. Off-Peak Posting: Breakthrough the noise by posting at non-peak times. One of the tips is to post on Saturdays and Sundays and post after regular work hours.
  11. Link Posts: Send your audience to your blog with link posts. Link posts that use the built-in Facebook link format receive twice as many clicks compared to links typed into a photo update. Simply copying and pasting your article/blog URL into the composer window is all it takes. Link posts take advantage of meta-tags from the webpage, including information titles, descriptions, and photos.
  12. Live Broadcasting: Go Live. 20% of all Facebook videos are broadcast live, and the daily watch time for live videos has quadrupled in the last year. Live videos are a powerful way to connect with your audience in real time.
  13. Boost Your Posts: Boost your posts. Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn algorithms make it more difficult than ever to have our content seen by your audience. Boosting your post can be a great way to amplify your message. Make sure to set a budget and to keep control over it, to avoid overspending.
  14. Content Curation: Share relevant and helpful content from other sources. It’s not just about promoting your own content; curating valuable content from other reputable sources can also establish your authority in the field.
About the author: Larysa Hale
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