Start blogging without any tech skills!

How to start sharing what you know online, create a blog people want to read, and actually get people reading it without any tech skills required!

Have you always wanted to share what you know online, but never got around to doing it? Or thought it was all just too hard? Hi, my name’s Ross Hunter in the next couple of minutes I am going to show you how to start a blog the quick and easy way!

Did you know that 99% of people who start writing a blog never get off the ground, and they carry that regret with them for years? 

Here’s the problem you face: you’ve got a lot of life experience that you’d like to share, but maybe your friends have heard all your stories before and your kids just won’t listen!

Which means you’ll never get a chance to pass on everything you know. All of that knowledge is swirling around your head – and while you still learn every day, it’s not getting any fresher, unfortunately!

Luckily for you, there’s now a solution.

Let me introduce you to Expert Circle, the platform which makes it easy to start sharing your knowledge, with no tech skills required!

  • Expert Panels makes it super easy to publish yourself online – easy enough for anyone who can browse the internet – which means you can share your experience with the world!
  • It can take as little as 10 minutes to publish a professional-looking blog, saving you time and freeing you to spend more time sharing your thoughts with your family.
  • You can easily share things you’ve learned through your life, and imagine the excitement when you hear what other people think about them!
  • The knowledge you pass on will be online for all to read, making a lasting contribution to the community, so other people will benefit from your experience.
  • Being published online is a great way to be recognized: your friends and family won’t know what to say when they see your views online.
  • Blogging on Expert Circle is the easiest way to publish yourself online, and there’s no need for tech skills to build your own website, saving you money and time!

At Expert Circle we are 100% focused on making blogging easy. No other platform allows you to create and publish blog posts in such a clean and simple way.

And we have shown that more than 75% of our new members actually go on to publish their own blog! That success rate shows how easy we’ve made this to do. According to Astute Copy Blogging, 80% of regular blogs fail – but 75%+ succeed on Expert Circle That’s why you need to give this a try.

Here’s what you get when you join Expert Circle:

  • Easily create  multimedia blog posts for FREE
  • Benefit from your posts being shared with Expert Circle’s built-in audience
  • Share your posts directly on social media and with your friends – unlimited reading is FREE for all, so everyone can enjoy your blog
  • Follow other Expert Circle’s contributors to keep up to speed with the latest views

And by the way, at Expert Circle we also offer the great benefit that we will share your blog posts on our social media channels, which have thousands of followers! Your views and wisdom will be seen and truly heard. It’s taken us a long time and effort to build up our followership and we are more than happy to share them with you.

Do you think that if you pass on this offer you will create a blog by tomorrow? Probably not! You’ll end up thinking woulda, coulda, shoulda. What you need is to get started with something that is dead simple. Join Expert Circle now and you can have your first blog post up in as soon as 10 minutes! Wouldn’t you like to be sharing your views and seeing the look on other peoples’ faces when they see your name up in lights? Act now! Take this offer and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Get started blogging the easy way today!

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