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The 5 key social media marketing hacks

Gather data to build your social media presence

Data doesn’t refer to likes, shares, and other “vanity” metrics. You need to slide into as many emails as possible and gather phone numbers. Create a landing page to create some business-consumer interaction through email lists. This can also be helpful with remarketing products and content.

Use SMS marketing, LOL

Use SMS marketing platforms like Superphone to create more intimate business-consumer channels. One huge truth about social media marketing is that everything is interconnected and layered. For example, in your SMS text, it should have a link to the landing page which ultimately gets your business into the consumer’s email.

Create “insider” groups

Don’t feel bad about rewarding your most loyal “superfans.” This is the most direct channel you can create and your consumers feel appreciated. Do this through Whatsapp or Slack and expect these group members to help you in the promotion of your business!

Be in the know

You need to know what’s going on. For example, if you’re an exceptional presenter, know about events that would reward presentation skills in your area. If you use social media to monitor feeds that reward your skills in the real world, you’re that much closer to slaying the game.

Utilize Giphy

Words are boring, pictures are less boring, but GIFs are eye-catching. Giphy is a platform that allows you to use and upload GIFs to make your emails, promotional content, whatever pop. A good strategy is to upload onto Giphy so that others can market your brand on your behalf!

Unlock social media marketing for your business

With these five keys, you’ll be able to unlock a whole new world of social media marketing. If I could use a GIF, I’d use a victory GIF right now. Go get ‘em, tiger.

Questions about social media marketing to discuss:

  • How do you gather data?
  • What do you think about platforms like Superphone and Giphy?
  • Do you have an Insider group for your business?
  • Do you stay up to date with feeds that reward your skillset?
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