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Workbooks (process maps) for me are a vital part of my daily working routine. I have set my business up, so the main core jobs have been process-mapped to meet my professional business expectations, and therefore I can spend more time training the team on other aspects of my business.

By process mapping your tasks, you relieve yourself of any wasted time during each task and ensure that everyone is working one best way for the business.

I have also learnt by doing this. I can identify any additional needs of the team and recognise the strength in people and match that to the tasks, making the team feel more powerful as the right people are doing the right jobs and feeling great.

The best thing is, workbooks are easy and cheap to create and you don’t have to be fancy as simple is best

Michala Rutherford

Building a Workbook

Start with the task you want, and every time you go to do something towards completing that task, write it down, then review each step to confirm if it’s needed to get the same result. If it is, then keep it. If it isn’t and you can get the result you need at the end without it, remove that step. However, if it’s a legal requirement, keep it in.

You will find by completing these workbooks; you will save time and money. It also allows anyone in the team or yourself to pick up any job or task at any stage and know what to do next, as each stage is set and clear. If there have been any errors made or any complaints, you can also quickly identify at which stage this happened, which means you can correct it and reply to the complaint in an efficient amount of time.


  1. Remember we LEARN from errors made and adapt but take note of all the good you do too.
  2. Everything is all about relationships and communication take time to nourish them it pays off for everyone in the end
  3. Be gentle with yourself you cannot do everything in one day

Enjoy being in Business and take the time to look around you and see exactly how far you have come.

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Michala Rutherford

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