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Vacancy Analytics – Revolutionizing Automation For Recruiters

It’s fair to say that in the world we live in today, technology and more so AI is becoming prominent in helping people deliver their targets. As an individual who is relatively new to the recruitment industry, I was introduced to a new way of recruiting I didn’t even know was possible.


As I moved to a company which serves as a provider to the bustling recruitment industry, it was certainly an eye opener into how differently recruiters all over the world can use data to enhance their recruitment strategy like never before.


Being introduced to Vacancy Analytics, it became clear that there was a solution for recruiters to seamlessly find vacancies, and that something really game changing was coming in. Of course, any Analytics program can take some time to grasp, but with Vacancy Analytics the simple layout meant that even for a novice in the industry like myself, it was very easy to understand how to use it. 


The simplicity in being able to filter by specific profession, sector, and headcount helped me personally learn a lot more about specific roles within different sectors. It now has me in a position where I can talk about different roles in different sectors with far more ease, identifying the different niches and understanding key areas in different markets. For recruiters who understand these niches like the back of their hands, it’s an amazing opportunity to see your market in a way like never before.


With Vacancy Analytics’ easy to use system, I now find myself able to see the latest trends in any market, seeing hotspots in real time and as a result I’m now able to show others what is happening in real time. Take for example the recent takeover with Credit Suisse; following the takeover I was able to see banking vacancies in real time as the takeover caused stock markets to go crazy.


For recruiters in markets like this where things can truly change at any time, having a resource to help you see the shift in market activity can be pivotal to a recruitment agency’s progress going forward. No matter your niche, Vacancy Analytics can help you take a deep dive into specific trends for niches, locations, client activity and more. 


As someone who was new to the industry on a whole, the realisation of a tool which allowed for such analysis and insight was a sign to me that this is something that will play a huge part in automating the recruiting process as we know it. Big name agencies such as CPL, Aristo, Morgan McKinley and Robert Walters are just some of those who are currently using this platform to great success.


And with that, there is also the other solution I stumbled upon; Vacancy Tracker. An even simpler solution that answers one big question many recruiters ask regularly: where are the latest vacancies in my market? Never need to ask that again. Whilst the Analytics platform offers insights into the market, the Tracker offers daily alerts to recruiters of exactly where the vacancies they’re looking for are.


With such a simple solution across this industry, I’ve been able to not only get to grips, but almost see things through the eyes of a recruiter. As actual recruiters working in a world which is being dominated by technology, automation and AI, wouldn’t you want resources like this that gives you the tools to succeed? 


For more information about Vacancy Analytics and the insights on offer at Vacancysoft, click here.

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