What Are Your 3 Top Tips To Build An Effective Lead Magnet?

Creating lead magnets is essential for gaining customers and making sales. Often, professionals are unsure where to start or how to improve. This collaboration gathers insights from various successful businesspeople who have shared their expert knowledge for you to leverage. Discover three tips on building an effective lead magnet.

Dexter Moscow

M.D. Dexter Moscow – the Picasso of Sales Presentations, Pitches and Business Conversations


  1. Don’t tell people what you do  – Tell them what you have done for others.
  2.  Create relevant, concise, compelling stories with clear, quantifiable results.
  3.  Gain testimonials from your clients and customers and see them from their perspective

Dave Davies

Director, Sandler

Does anybody really want leads? Lead conversion currently ranks lower than the outcomes of cold-calling.

Most people want intention, not attention.

3 Top Tips to building an effective opportunity magnet.

1: Know who you serve…

Get finite in detailing your ideal customer, today, a reflection probably of your current good customers. Be aware that this changes over time in a business; from “take what we can get” to “go after those we want”. Be a razor, not a shredder.

2: Know what you serve…

Get clarity on the product and services you serve that bring the most value to your customers. Get clarity on the Situation your Buyers find themselves in. The Pain(s) they are experiencing, The Reason (or Cause) of those Pain(s), the Impact those Pain(s) are creating, both organisationally, and personally, what they believe they Need, and the Gain(s) your Buyers achieve as an outcome of buying your product or service. SPRING!

3: Know how you serve…

Develop a systematic approach to Opportunity Creation, Opportunity Development, and Opportunity Conclusion. Design, and refine, a selling system which is consistent, effective, efficient, and assists the Buyer throughout their Buying journey, whether short (transactional) or long (strategic consulting).


4: Know who you are…

What’s your identity? Your role in the Selling/Buying journey? What are your beliefs? Your values? How does that affect your tone of voice, language, create valuable/readable/insightful content that attracts the right audience, with genuine curiousity, and the ultimate intention of becoming a client, not for now, not for one transaction, but a lifelong advocate for you, and your business.

Nimesh Shah

Marketing Director, Feel Good Contacts

  1. Clearly Define Your Target Audience:
    The first step in building an effective lead magnet is to clearly define your target audience. The more specific your audience, the better you can tailor your lead magnet to meet their specific needs and interests. Start by researching and understanding your target market’s pain points, desires, and challenges. This will help you create a lead magnet that speaks directly to their needs and grabs their attention.
  2. Offer High-Value Content:
    An effective lead magnet must offer high-value content that is both informative and actionable. It should solve a specific problem or provide valuable insights that your audience can’t easily find elsewhere. Consider offering exclusive resources, such as e-books, checklists, templates, or video tutorials, that will help your audience achieve their goals.the quality of your lead magnet will directly impact the perceived value of a brand.
  3. Create an Irresistible Call-to-Action:
    To make your lead magnet persuasive, it’s crucial to create an irresistible CTA. Your CTA should clearly communicate the benefits of downloading or subscribing to your lead magnet and explain why it is relevant and valuable to your audience. Use persuasive language, such as “Get instant access” or “Unlock the secrets to…” to create a sense of urgency and pique their curiosity. Additionally, ensure that your CTA is visually appealing, prominently displayed, and easy to locate on your landing page.

Keep in mind that an effective lead magnet should provide a smooth transition into your overall marketing funnel and nurture leads towards conversion. Continuously evaluate based on data and feedback from your audience to ensure its ongoing effectiveness.

Jason Culleton

Social media Consultant

For an effective Lead Magnet to work.  You need to offer value and clear strategy on how and where to use it.

It needs to be well designed.  It needs to speak to your audience struggles.  And more than anything,  it needs to be specific.

Creating a compelling lead magnet is pivotal for businesses aiming to attract and convert potential customers. Through the insights shared by experts like Dexter Moscow, Dave Davies, Nimesh Shah, and Jason Culleton, it’s evident that understanding one’s audience, offering genuine value, and having a clear strategy are foundational. Whether it’s telling impactful stories, understanding buyer personas deeply, or designing a magnet that resonates with audience struggles, the emphasis remains on delivering tailored content that stands out. Continuous refinement based on genuine feedback ensures that lead magnets remain effective tools for marketers.

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I summarised the key points from the article "What Are Your 3 Top Tips To Build An Effective Lead Magnet?" in a concise format:

Dexter Moscow: Focus on showing the results you've achieved for others through relevant, concise stories and client testimonials.
Dave Davies: Understand your ideal customer, the value of your products/services, and develop a systematic approach to opportunity creation, development, and conclusion.
Nimesh Shah: Clearly define your target audience, offer high-value content like e-books or tutorials, and create an irresistible Call-to-Action (CTA).
Jason Culleton: Ensure your lead magnet offers value, addresses audience struggles, and is well-designed, and specific.
Overall, the key to an effective lead magnet lies in understanding your audience, showcasing genuine value, and having a clear, strategic approach. Continuous refinement based on feedback is crucial for sustained effectiveness.
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