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What is an appropriate gift for Secret Santa, especially for your office colleagues?

Secret Santa is a time to give and receive gifts from different people, not knowing who they are. It’s important to understand that the concept of secret Santa is to keep the giver of the gift hidden from the person getting the gift. That’s why the name, Santa is a common term for a person giving a gift and he should be hidden making it- Secret Santa.

Secret Santa is a common practice in many different international environments such as schools, universities and workplaces, etc. It’s important for a person to understand that an ideal Secret Santa should be given him/her to another person. A person shouldn’t be giving any inappropriate gift which can create issues, especially in the workplace.

Appropriate Gifts

Giving an appropriate gift in secret Santa is very important. A clear and kind gesture towards the person receiving the gift will be shown by providing them with a simple and ideal gift. There are many gifts a person can give which should be considered ideal in a workplace environment such as:

  • A pack of Socks– An ideal set of packet of socks can never be wrong to give it to a male colleague in the office. It’s a very simple and basic gift which could mean a lot to the person getting the award, as it’ll show them a lot of care and happiness.
  • A simple gift set– a basic gift set can be given to people which can contain many different items that can be a lot of useful to the person getting a reward. In the workplace, giving such gifts is ideal and makes it easier for people to show their affection for the other person very easily as well.
  • Fun games- Giving some games such as UNO or Monopoly, etc. can be a good gift to give to a person. They can enjoy the game with their family and friends, etc. This shows a good warmth from your side to them, making them feel good about you.
  • Stationery- An ideal gift to give in a workplace setting is stationery such as a pen, notebooks, etc. It’s an ideal gift to someone new or who isn’t that close to you. And, this doesn’t look bad at all and is a gift which the person would probably use daily. When they will use it, they’ll remember you.

Inappropriate Gifts

However, there can be times when people give inappropriate gifts to others, especially at workplace. This worsens the relationships between people and causes a lot of trouble to a lot of people. Some inappropriate gifts are-

  1. Any adult items- Items such as condoms or adult magazines, etc. are just the worst gift to give to anyone in a workplace environment. Furthermore, giving gifts like that can cause a lot of issues to not only receiver but also the giver of the gift.
  2. Pulling a prank- A secret Santa is not, I repeat, is not a time to pull pranks at others. So, giving them a scary box or roses that throw water, etc. are the utmost disrespectful thing to be given as a gift. So, please don’t give a person any adultery items on Secret Santa.
  3. Going over the top- Giving a gift such as expensive jewellery or an actual sports car, etc. in secret Santa is so over the top and it’ll kill your image in front of your peers. They will probably want more and more gifts from you and be around you mainly because of your heavy spending. You want ideal friends and not materialistic people around you. So, ensure you don’t do this.
  4. Giving Nothing- As a Secret Santa, the last thing a person can do is give no gift to the person. It’s important to understand that giving nothing is the worst and last thing a person can do as a Secret Santa. Hence, it’s important to be a good secret Santa and get a good gift for the other person.

Secret Santa is a great way to make more friends in your workplace. At the end of the day, everyone needs their friends. Giving and getting gifts brings people closer and creates a good bond between people. Furthermore, Secret Santa is an ideal way to celebrate happiness and cherish Christmas for a longer time as well. Thus, choosing a gift for someone in Secret Santa is a very important task. Take your time and understand what would be an awesome gift for that person. This’ll ensure you get a great gift and who knows, create a good relationship for a long time. Happy Christmas.

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