Why Blog? The Benefits of Blogging

Blogging – what is it and how can you enjoy it?

Whether you spend a lot of time online or not, you’ve probably heard of the blogging craze.  And while it is a bit of a craze, it’s not just a passing one. In fact, blogs have become one of the best ways to share knowledge, period. And we’re here to share with you how anyone can do it!

There are so many sides to blogging!

A lot of younger people want to “see and be seen”, “share things on social media”, and the like, but there are actually many sides of blogging that have nothing to do with all that. Starting a blog as a mature individual can achieve many things, and the excellent news is that new technology actually makes it easier for those without extensive technical skills!

What is a blog, you might ask?

A blog sounds like a technical term, but actually, it is just an online article. A series of articles can form a blog, or an individual article – which is called a “post” in the blogging lingo – can also be a blog. We recommend that you not worry about all this, and just think of all of these things like an online article. And yes, you can actually create one yourself, so read on!

Why would I want to write online?

There are so many reasons to write. As working people, we all have quite a few life experiences, and imagine sharing those for others to benefit from! It can be for other experienced folks to relate to, or even to try to provide advice for others. Beyond this, you have strong interests, and by sharing them online you can connect with others who share them.

How to approach this exciting idea of starting a blog

You’re interested in publishing your views online – terrific! You can just start trying it, and we’ll explain how to do this below. Yet it’s also probably worth doing just a bit of planning, which will lead you to the best results.

Setting goals in starting a blog 

When thinking about starting a blog, it’s worth considering your goals. They may be about simply sharing what you love, or creating interactions with others who share your interests:

  • Are you looking to share your knowledge?
  • Find and interact with others who share your interests?
  • Influence the debate on a particular topic?

Jot down your goals quickly, and while you’re doing this, see how you feel about them and if they motivate you. That kind of a “gut check” is likely to give you a good sense of what will work for you or not.

How to prepare to start writing 

We’ll come to how to publish in a few moments. The first thing to do is to come up with a first topic or two that you’d like to write on. It can be literally anything, and just jot them down. With this, make sure you can imagine yourself writing on those topics. Listen to your instincts – do they fit with what you are interested in?

Doing this exercise may seem a bit strange, but trust us, it will be worth it. If you find it easy to imagine, then well done, you’ve chosen a good topic for you. If more difficult, see if you can look to the internet or friends and family to give you some ideas.

Where you can start writing and publish your work

The easy way to start writing work or a career-related blog is on Expert Circle. We have created a super-simple place to create your work and publish it. It’s so easy that if you have a short view to share, it will take only 10 minutes to complete! Of course, we encourage you to write longer pieces, which will develop your thoughts, help keep your mind sharp, and be more interesting to readers.

Benefits of starting a blog on Expert Circle

First of all, it is dead easy. The whole process including setting up your account takes only four steps (see below)!

Secondly, Expert Circle is designed to create places where you can share your interests, explore what others are sharing about them, and even get into discussions with other people about them if you like.

Thirdly, it’s very simple to share your work with others. Just click share to email your friends and family!

Beyond this, you may wish to take advantage of Exper Circle’s more advanced features. You can become a valued contributor to your interests and influence the conversations! Read on to learn how easy it is to start on Expert Circle.

The four-step guide to creating your blog the easy way on Expert Circle

  1. Set up a free account on Expert Circle – and start your blog the easy way!
  2. After creating your account you will be taken to your Profile page, and simply click the “Create a new post” button
  3. Create a title and start writing your blog!
  4. All you have to do now is hit publish!!

After publishing, you can see all of your blog posts in one place in your Profile, and share from there!

Further tips to develop your blog

On Expert Circle, we have created over 50 business-related topics and growing. You may add these “categories” to your blog, which will give you several benefits. So, when you publish your article, it will feature in those topics. For example, if you want to write about how to start a business, it will feature in the Expert Circle Business Management category topic if you choose it. That way, others interested in starting business tips will see it and benefit from and respond to your work!

In addition, adding a sharp image to your parenting (or other!) article will make it more likely that those in the Parenting topic will choose to click on it and read it. We’ve developed a more advanced guide to starting a blog, which you may wish to review also – or come back to it once you’ve tried blogging and want to develop it further!

This is literally all you need to start writing online articles and blogs. We invite you to start now!

Bringing it all together: starting a blog

We’ve talked in this guide about how many career-oriented people have been interested in blogging. The concept of a blog is new and hard to understand at first for many, in fact. But it’s actually really simple, and the new online tools make it so easy to publish your own articles.

At Expert Circle we are focused on making blogging easy and accessible to all, and we hope you have enjoyed this guide.

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