Purposeful Motivation

First, motivation is affected by energy, emotion, passion and, of course, your surroundings. As I began to study families and how they related to one another, I realized that we are programmed as a child by our family and surroundings. A person can only demonstrate the actions they have witnessed day after day. And, you don’t know WHAT you don’t know until you KNOW you don’t know it.

So, back to motivation. Here are 3 of my most favourite motivations!

#1 – MUSIC

Music feels the SOUL. Listen to UPLIFTING Music with a beat, spiritual music with a message (mine’s Christian), or soothing classical or jazz music. I’m a vocalist, so music speaks to me. On the other side of the coin, if you listen to music full of demeaning words or hostility, it’s surely going to drain you of your love of life.


I began dance classes at 6 years old and went on to teach for 20 years. Movement not only keeps you agile, strong and happy as I see it but energizes your body. A body in motion stays in motion. Think of online game players and how they can sit for 12 hours playing, accomplishing nothing and may not even stop to eat. Even when you are working all day online if you don’t get up and move a certain amount, your brain slows, and your creativity is gone! Movement keeps your energy going, and energy is a SURE Part of Motivation.

#3 – Personal Growth

Reading other people’s success, ideas, and proven formulas gives me hope and feed my passion for people. Reminding me that daily motivation is needed to form habits, self-discipline & Action. If you had a rough start in life, you don’t have to stay there. You can tap into all the recourses right here online, change your mind, change your heart, change your direction, and change your LIFE. You have choices.

That’s my aim. Many challenges that have come into my life have changed my perspective, given me wisdom and understanding in different areas. Where they could have to take me down a Rabbit Hole (some did), I have learned to fight the frustrations, build new habits and always have the goal of turning Lemons……….. into Lemonade. This is done by continually doing the things that Motivate.

Connie Durham

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