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3 ways to 10x your number of new clients

Tired of chasing after individual clients for your business? 
Let’s face it, winning new clients isn’t easy. So here are 3 ways to 10x your number of new clients

1. Position yourself as an AUTHORITY. 

It’s important to remember not everyone is ready to buy when you are ready to sell. Everyone is at a different place in the buying cycle.

At one end of the spectrum there are people mildly interested and on the other, there are people that have crossed a pain threshold and they are on a hunt for a solution.

When you go try to drum up business the chances of you being in the right place at the right time with the right client are very slim so instead you need to position yourself in the mind of your client as an authority for what you do, that way when they are ready to buy they immediate think of you. 

How do you position yourself in their mind? The answer is by designing, developing and delivering valuable content that helps them to solve problems.

2. Become an outstanding STORYTELLER. 

The most underused tool in business is storytelling. Look if you want your content to be shared on social media a great way is if your content is in the form of a story.

The most important story to start with is YOUR STORY. This is called your E.P.S (Expert Positioning Story) and it’s designed to do one very important thing. To illustrate YOUR WHY. 

The WHY you are doing what you do and why you care about the people you do it for. To do this effectively you must understand the composition of the 3 acts that underlie every great story.

3. Deliver your message ONE-TO-MANY, not one-to-one. 

When you communicate with your target clients make sure your time and reach are leveraged.

This is achieved by putting several of your target market in a room at the same time and delivering a well-crafted presentation in the form of a message that SERVES and SELLS.

If you spend time communicating with potential clients on a one-to-one basis you will run out of hours in a day to win enough clients AND more importantly you will have de-positioned yourself by making yourself too easily available rather than EXCLUSIVE.

Putting these 3 practices into your businesses can radically shift your income into top gear AND buy you back the most precious resource of all.


I’ve been doing the above for 15 years and it’s enabled me to become a recognised authority in my industry, a Sunday Times best selling author, and an international speaker, speaking alongside the likes of Tony Robbins, Bill Clinton, and Sir Richard Branson. 

I’ve also been training entrepreneurial people like you for 15 years in how to become the ‘go-to authority’ in their niche or industry. 

AND the journey for each entrepreneur begins at my 1-day Stand & Deliver training where I teach the principles of designing, developing and delivering content for presentations, webinars, podcasts, online video and books.

By the way, I’ve always found it better for everyone if I keep the barriers to learning these strategies very low in the beginning which is why you can get a general admission ticket to Stand & Deliver for FREE. 

Doing so has helped me discover a lot of talent that otherwise may not have seen the light of day and of course, many of these people became my private clients too.

I hope to see you at the event and please SHARE this post as I’m sure someone you know will be very grateful you did.

Andy Harrington,

Sunday Times Best Selling Author of Passion Into Profit.

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