Contribute to the panel: How do you market to two different audiences?

This Expert Panel is here to bring different perspectives to Expert Circle and our readers; their background in different domains (e.g. marketing, management, consulting and professional services etc.) helps participants design more innovative and feasible contributions. These thought leaders and practitioners leverage their professional experiences to enable Expert Panels to develop insights on how to approach business challenges in diverse and professional ways.

As the digital marketing world evolves, we’re seeing an ever-growing sophisticated segmentation and targeting techniques emerging, allowing businesses to personalise content to their different audiences.

However, there are challenges that are growing with it. A lot of companies have more than one product but still are limited to addressing everyone through a single channel, such as a social media account. Can one still be successful and effective? We believe so – and we reaching out to Experts to share a few techniques to help businesses succeed.


So here are some thoughts to elaborate on or to add to:

  1. Go for the goals with benefit-led messaging
  2. Keep on top of it all with a modular approach
  3. See audiences as flowing, not fixed
  4. Don’t mistake simplicity for dumbing down
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