How motivational speaker Tony Robbins captivates audiences

Tony Robbins’ body language

Tony provides an excellent persona to study, in particular regarding his body language, body control and gesticulation.  Even while seated, Tony is able to use engaging body language to get his message across. While speaking, he moves his palms around and takes up as much space as possible, which signals that he is a very confident person.

How he engages with audiences

To engage an audience, one tactic is to strategically pull back and forth towards the audience. Tony draws in the viewers as he moves towards them and keeps them wanting more on the way back. In addition, using a variety of movements and other physical actions keeps the speaker feeling fresh to the audience, and sound-generating motions such as snapping and clapping can add a new dimension including sound.

How Tony became a motivational speaker who captivates audiences

The visibility of Tony’s palms is particularly captivating to the crowd. Tony is a master at using his wrists, forearms, and fingers to make a serious point; he flexes these parts of his body. This can be used the other way around for portraying a more gentle and loose message.

Tony’s method of drawing an audience’s attention radiates a sense of welcomeness. However, it is important to note that gesticulation-heavy delivery styles can detract from the oral message or possibly instil physical fear in the audience. Nevertheless, Tony has a strong track record as a motivational speaker who captivates audiences.


Questions to discuss in comments:

  • What is the best way to use gestures in conveying a message to an audience?
  • Does Tony Robbins do a good job at motivating people – is he a welcoming or intimidating figure?
  • What do you find engaging in public speakers?
  • Who do you think are the best motivational speakers?
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