How to increase Twitter engagement in 2023: 4 Steps

Twitter is an absolute great platform where a business can interact more with customers and ensure that they get more engagement from the site. Just a bit of hard work and following some steps, any type of business can attract more customers towards itself through the help of the Twitter platform. Recently, when there were issues on WhatsApp, Instagram and Snapchat, every person started moving to Twitter. The users on the site have increased rapidly and people are trusting the site of Twitter more than before. At this point, many businesses can enter the site and use specific tricks to ensure they attract more consumers and get more engagement.

Follow these points to increase engagement through Twitter

  1. Tweet Consistently

Being active on Twitter and consistently posting about your business or company will ensure that users actively look at the news of your company. Users will get to know more every success story or any sort of details of your company through consistent tweets and they shall believe that the company is doing great at their business. So, they will be attracted to the company, increasing engagement. Also, if any customer wants to talk to the company or point out any complaints, they can directly do it on Twitter to the company as well, creating a better ordeal between company and the customers.person holding black android smartphone

  1. Use Hashtags and @your name everywhere you can

The more customers hear about you, the more curious they will be about your company. This will make them feel more about your company and they will be attracted to your company easily. That’s why, using hashtags in your tweets will ensure that consumers will see your posts way more than usual. Furthermore, using @your name and adding it wherever you can will put the name of your company in the minds of the people. This’ll lead people to be constantly be listening about your company and curious to check out your company. Furthermore, when they will check out your company, they will know everything about you, leading you to gain customers and increase engagement through Twitter.

  1. Promote openness & reply, retweet, tag people

The more your company is open with customers, the more customers will be able to trust you and buy your product. Furthermore, on the platform of Twitter, your company should ensure that they communicate with the customers directly. Your company should focus on ensuring that any complaints, comments or points made by the customers are heard by the company and are answered by the company through the medium retweets, replying them back and tag people who made any specific points. This will let the consumers think that the company listens to it’s customers and are there to answer all sorts of problems and questions of the customers. This will set an example in front of people and will help the company to attract more consumers as well.

  1. Boost brand-consumer connection through follower’s campaignperson holding silver iphone 6

Running a follower’s campaign will lead to helping a company target its audience and even those consumers who don’t know about the company. As a company, you have to consider running short campaigns to boost momentum or an always-on campaign to create a consistent stream of new followers. Furthermore, ensure that you are consistently making a good amount of connection with the consumers of your company, so to increase the global strength of the company. This will eventually lead to you boosting the brand-consumer connection for your company and increasing the engagement coming to your company through the platform of Twitter.


Overall, there are 4 simple steps that you shall follow to ensure that your company tops the engagement attraction through the site of Twitter. It’s important to understand that the more honest and simple a company comes across as to a consumer; the more trust people will have over the company. The 4 steps mentioned above will ensure that your company attracts as many consumers as possible and lead to increased engagement from the platform of Twitter for your company.

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