Contribute to the Expert Panel: Hybrid working – What is the best model to move forward, how should time be split between home and office?

Share your challenges and ideas on how to continue improving the effectiveness of the hybrid model.

Hybrid work is trending, and it seems almost every organisation that can, is planning to offer some kind of hybrid working arrangement for the majority of its employees. There are plenty of good reasons to implement hybrid work: to offer more flexibility to employees, to support work-life balance. For many employees, the opportunity to avoid the commute or their button pants offer efficiency, convenience and comfort. What is your experience? What do you think works best and what would be your advice for the fellow managers on how to tackle the known challenges?

Companies cannot just decide to implement hybrid work without a lot of planning and strategic thinking—or they risk inefficiencies, inequity and the deterioration of their culture. In fact, a pitfall in implementing hybrid work is to over-simplify or to underappreciate the depth of thinking that must be part of the planning.

This Expert Panel is called to help companies learn about possible negatives and definite positives of the hybrid model and to implement it with all things considered.

So we hope that you will contribute your thoughts and experience!

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