Motivation and Anxiety: Cuppa chicken soup; #notjustyou

Scrolling through your Instagram feed we come across a number of motivational quotes, but sometimes it is really hard to believe that all the answers to various complications we face, in this journey called life can be contained in a seven word phrase. Also sometimes makes you wonder who is this person? How has he or she got it all together when you have not? On writing a motivational article I was put in a dilemma. Well as we all know, motivation and anxiety do not go hand-in-hand. As random thoughts of self-doubt spiralled through my head I sat with my laptop, fumbling through my keys, if nothing it helps soothe my anxiety.

Anxiety my buddy

I could have easily made an in-depth analysis of a life guru’s principles, shared with you some life hacks or anecdotes borrowed from the internet. Only if it were that simple though. I have been anxious even before I knew anxiety was a thing. My constant fidgety behaviour as a child grew into a compulsive pattern as a young adult. Overthinking every situation and being scared out of my mind without ever having a specific reason came as a second nature.

But then again according to the internet stats, every second millennial is either suffering from depression, anxiety or both, I do not stand as an exception. Various causes have been identified. Many say it is the extremely stressful lifestyle that the people of this generation have adopted. I hold no degree in the study of human psychology, hence I do not have an answer to why or how to get rid of it. Believe me if I did I would not be motivated to write this article today.

Diagnosis inconclusive; i.e. suffering from a case of social blues 

You may wonder then what the point of this article is. I am here to tell you what a quote from Dickens or Zuckerberg fails to comprehend. Life is hard! Especially when you are dealing with anxiety, which let’s face it most of us are, sometimes you cannot buckle up. You cannot keep trying after you fail, failure hurts, even if some renowned person once said, “Keep trying till you succeed”. But does it mean that we shall let go of our dreams?

“Moving out of your parents’ house” is an understatement when you are literally moving across oceans to a whole different continent. Having to set up a life for yourself in a new country sounds exciting, but comes with its challenges. What seemed to be the most challenging part, was having to come back into the empty room, with nothing but your anxious thoughts for company. In this digital age, your friends and family are at a video calls distance, yet again it is never the same is it?

Owing to the pandemic, we have gotten accustomed to this new virtual life, working from home, attending online seminars, concerts and what not! But the artificiality of it all leaves behind this empty space in your heart that craves for real human connections. It is worse if you are already suffering from anxiety, cause then being left with your thoughts is not highly recommendable. Or motivating.

Motivation and anxiety: you do you; cause no one does that better than you 

Yet again, I am not here to whine about what is wrong, neither can I provide you with a solution, cause trust me I am desperately looking for one myself. What I really wanted you to know is that, I am so proud of you! I am proud cause despite it being hard, you still go on. You still continue chasing your dreams! In the process sometimes you might just sleep too much to avoid the clouding of hopelessness in your mind or just to avoid the worthlessness of it all. Let me tell you, the fact that you continue chasing despite it all, is what makes it worth.

Sometimes you would just want to lie in your bed and stare into blank spaces, trying to comprehend the course of your actions. Pulling myself out of my own anxious reverie, I sit here writing an article on motivation and anxiety, hoping to pull you out of your self loathing cycle. All I would say is, lie there for as long as you want. What really matters is when you get up, push yourself to strive again towards those hopeful better days. Keep going, because sometimes it is the best you can do!

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Aishwarya Mitra

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