Collaborative article: What are 3 common SEO mistakes to avoid in a content strategy?

Presenting our latest collaborative article titled “What Are 3 Common SEO Mistakes To Avoid In A Content Strategy?” In the creation of this piece, we reached out to esteemed experts in the field, inviting them to contribute their invaluable expertise to this critical topic. The experts delivered brilliant insights into the most prevalent SEO mistakes. By immersing yourself in the content of this article, you not only gain a deeper understanding of these common pitfalls but also position yourself advantageously to evolve into an SEO whiz.

Josh Spilker

Head of Marketing / Tettra

3 Common SEO Mistakes:

  1. Going after high-volume keywords too fast. These are what you should go after once your bottom and mid-funnel keywords are taken care of.
  2. Slowing down. There seems to be a big push for a while and then a company won’t publish for several months. This is actually a mistake because you start to lose momentum. You’ll still see some gains but you won’t capitalize on all that’s there.
  3. Forgetting CTAs and product info. It’s okay to include mentions of your product within an article. Always ask “How does my product help?” or “How does my product connect?” when creating SEO content.

Steve OBrien

The SEO Chap

One of the single most important things to remember is to actually start with a strategy! This will forge your content strategy and create a blueprint for your campaigns. Content that people are looking for is always a great place to start, consider research that looks at search volume and questions or keywords. There are lots of free tools available that can support this and give you a better understanding of search volume and intent around topics. Naturally building in the keywords and phrases into your eventual articles will be easier.

Think about the reader first and create content developed around them, SEO will follow. After creating hundreds of content and search engine optimisation strategies as a consultant at The SEO Chap, I realise that skipping this first and vital step is always a fundamental mistake. Diving in and building backwards never works, and is less effective from a results point of view, creating more work along the line.

Shivam Singh

CMO at WiseGuyXL

In SEO, three common mistakes often impact digital strategies: On-Page SEO, Technical errors, and Paid Advertisement missteps.

  • On-page SEO involves optimising individual web pages for search engines.
  • Technical issues relating to backend website aspects.
  • Paid Advertisement errors pertain to shortcomings in paid promotional campaigns.

Addressing these key areas is crucial for a comprehensive and effective SEO strategy.

In summary, our collaborative article, compiles insights from industry experts, highlighting key SEO pitfalls and offering valuable guidance. From Josh Spilker’s advice on keyword timing to Steve O’Brien’s emphasis on strategic planning and Amar Sanghera’s data-driven approach, the article provides a comprehensive overview. Shivam Singh succinctly outlines the three common mistakes. Dive into this content to gain actionable insights and position yourself as a proficient SEO practitioner.

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