Struggling to eat healthy at work? Here are three key tips that work!

Here are three key tips to kickstart your new healthy eating lifestyle.

  1. You, you, you: Prioritizing yourself on your healthy eating journey is paramount to success. You need to remember that your hunger matters and you need to remind yourself why you started this journey. Realize that your only competition is yourself and stay calm throughout this journey.
  2. Be prepared: Cook as often as you can and always have “backpocket” recipes ready. Make sure to pay attention to food quality and not only calories! Meal prepping, reading nutrition labels, and keeping a full pantry are crucial.
  3. Keep your eye out: Healthy eating is a science, so treat it like one. Vegetables and fruits that “grow together, go together.” In other words, foods that are natural complements of each other are good to put together. On this note, artificial ingredients and highly processed foods should be avoided as well.

Bonus tip: When planning meals, what food is on the plate and how much of a food is served should be considered equally. Balancing what is on the plate and how much of that is on the plate, using the right food options is the key.

The mantra for a healthy eating lifestyle

The crux of these tips is to monitor not just how much is going onto your plate but rather what is going onto your plate. The quality and ease of preparation of foods are critical in jumpstarting a healthy and sustainable diet. These four simple tips, if followed correctly, will be the first step on your journey towards a healthy eating lifestyle.

Questions about healthy eating for discussion:

  • What are the blockers to eating healthily in your life?
  • How have you managed to stick to a better diet?
  • Do you find that sharing a healthy eating plan with friends and family makes it easier to stick to it?
  • What are your best tips for eating healthy?

By Larysa Hale

Managing Director at Expert Circle

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